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Top 5 Places that Will Make You Fall in Love with Madagascar

Updated on June 26, 2014

Whether you visit a popular attraction or you discover a hidden breathtaking scenery, Madagascar is one of the most charming destinations in the world and a place that puts a spell on travelers by just being itself. However, if you don't have too much time on your hands and you want to visit the top 5 most enchanting places on the island, you should take a look at our favorites. These places will surely inspire you:

5. Masoala National Park

Masoala National Park is one of the most beautiful parks on the island, a nature's gift to humanity. It is situated in northeast Madagascar and covers an area of about 250 miles, a surface dressed in rainforests and home to three marine parks. Many unique animals have found a home in these rainforests, among which travelers can find plenty of chameleons, geckos, frogs, but also butterflies and fish. However, although these may seem like ordinary species, we can guarantee you that in Madagascar, even a frog is unique and different - just take a look at the tomato frogs. During your hikes you will also get a chance to discover many lemurs, about ten species of them, and even the world's largest nocturnal primate, the Aye-aye lemur. The marine parks cover an area of 10,000 hectares of coral reefs, mangroves and marine plants, so these are great destinations for snorkeling and even kayaking.

Nosy Be
Nosy Be

4. Nosy Be

Although it is a pretty popular spot for tourists, this small island is as charming and beautiful as when it was a secret for most of us. It attracts tourists from all over the world due to its serene ambiance, wonderful beaches, friendly people and really amazing culinary treats served right on the sand. The island is wrapped in mesmerizing fragrances like ylang-ylang, vanilla, lemongrass and patchouli, which metamorphose the island into an idyllic and relaxing destination for everyone. Tourists also visit the surrounding islets of Nosy Komba, where the black lemurs live, Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Tanikely, the last one being an exceptional place for snorkeling.


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3. Isalo National Park

It is arid, unwelcoming and it always seemed sulky, but somehow it charms everyone who gets to walk its steep canyons and hike its sandstone formations. Once in a while you might discover some luring pools lined by palm trees but you can't help to wonder: are they a mirage? Well, no they aren't, so you can just rest your feet for a while under the shade. This park is mostly visited for its sceneries, and less for the wildlife. However, it is home to the ring-tailed lemur, brown lemurs, sifakas and 14 nocturnal lemurs that hide wherever there is vegetation. Bird watchers will have something to look for too because about 80 species of birds, including the Benson's rock-thrush, the knob-billed duck and the crested ibis, fly over this lands. Some endemic frogs and reptiles are also to be found here. The flora is unusual too and numbers about 500 native plant species, nature's wonders such as the elephant foot, rare palms and aloe species. In order to visit this park you really need to be accompanied by a guide. Many tourists book tours that includes other attractions besides the Isalo Mountains, which is a wise thing to do. Madagascar Travel and Tours welcomes tourists with a great tour, so you should check it out.

Ile St. Marie
Ile St. Marie

2. Ile Sainte Marie

This island is renowned in the entire world due to its breathtaking beaches and idyllic setting. It enjoys protected bays and inlets, luxuriant vegetation and bohemian lodges, and also the wrecks of some pirate ships that are to lie forever on the bottom of the Baie des Forbans. The island that was once a magnet for pirates, is today an exotic destination for honeymooners. The waters may very well hypnotize you and the underwater world is spectacular. This island is known as the best place to eat seafood in Madagascar, especially crab. Ile Saint Marie is home to several villages that house bamboo huts, palm trees and just an out of time way of living. The roads are lined by mango, cinnamon, and breadfruit trees, and the sceneries are unforgettable. The island can be visited from April to December, but if you want to catch the amazing performance of humpback whales that come here to breed, then you should come here sometime between July and September.

Tsingy Forest
Tsingy Forest

1. Tsingy de Bemaraha

Well, this is something you don't get to see often (or ever!) and you should definitely include this attraction in your itinerary. Expect to be amazed by some weird and fascinating limestone pinnacles named "tsingy" on a plateau situated in the southern region of Madagascar. The Tsingy de Bermaraha Strict Nature Reserve is the largest natural reserve on the island and an amazing place that needs no introduction. You only need to see one picture and you will feel the urge to just be there, overwhelmed by her majesty, nature. This park is also home to seven lemur species and seeing some of them will be a great bonus during this trip.

So, whenever you are ready to fall in love again...with a destination, just visit Madagascar. The island will sweep you off your feet.

Baobab Avenue
Baobab Avenue
Emerald Bay
Emerald Bay
Moon Moth
Moon Moth


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