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Top 5 Star Hotels in Abuja, Nigeria: Review

Updated on May 9, 2012

Best 5 Hotels in Abuja

There are hotels and there are hotels in Abuja, we have the 5 stars and those that fall short of 5 star status. We are doing our review of these hotels based on a few interesting things about their class, facilities in place and cost. All 5 star hotels should necessarily have quality shuttle service, good swimming pool, restaurants/bars, excellent auxillary services, internet and other hospitality services that should offer guests a home away from home experience. Check out this list in no particular order;

Abuja Sheraton Hotel and Towers

This is not actually Abuja’s best hotel but if you ask anyone who knows Abuja well whether they know how to find Sheraton hotel and towers from anywhere in Abuja you will most likely get a positive answer. Situated in the strategic zone 4 of Wuse district just on the major drive that leads to central area, this hotel is a 5 star hotel that is well patronized by government organizations for hosting major events in the city. But even more interesting is that it appeals to many foreigners who come into the country to do one or two things while on official visit toAbuja. The hotel has an Olympic sized swimming pool, posh rooms, excellent services rendered and ample auxillary services to match guest needs. But it is very expensive a night stay at the hotel is roughly from N49000 or $300.

Transcorp Hilton Hotel

The Transcorp Hilton is the most prestigious hotel in Abuja and even all ofNigeria. It is a first class hotel among all 5 stars and one can understand why a night stay at the hotel is N62000 or more than $350. With everything in place, this hotel is a destination of choice for people looking to have first class hospitality delivered to them while inAbuja. By all accounts its rooms, swimming pool, restaurants and other recreational facilities are the best on offer. You can’t miss the Transcorp Hilton whenever you are in Maitama, its just opposite the architecturally deifying NCC building.

Reiz Continental Hotel (Central Area)

Among all the hotels in this list, Reiz is the least accomplished, it doesn’t command the same reputation as the other hotels but isn’t bad for a 5 star hotel. When you check in you have access to everything a standard Abuja 5 Star should have except that you are close by to the busy expressway and share your vicinity with CBN, NNPC,National Defense College and so on. Not that there is anything wrong with that since others on this list also do but for noise factor during daytime, you are on.

Nicon Luxury Hotel (Area 11)

This hotel which is relatively young compared to others on this list. With over 250 rooms and luxury suites, fine swimming pool and other support services to match the customer service rendered you are going to find the hotel a right fit for 1st class hospitality but it doesn’t meet up with the likes of Sheraton, Transcorp nor Protea in terms of hotel service but still a suitable port of call for visitors or tourists to Abuja who can afford the outrageous going rates between $350 to $1200 per night.

Protea Hotel Asokoro

Like all her sister hotels, Protea in Asokoro doesn’t disappoint in offering 1st class hospitality at a reasonably priced amount. You’ll have to compare rates and quality of service rendered to see that the Protea isn’t a bad choice for N48000 ($300) per night almost as expensive as the Abuja Sheraton Hotel but still a good alternative for people who want high class hotels in Abuja.


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    • Johan Wessels profile image

      Johan Wessels 4 years ago

      Alexis Hotel Review - Patrons Beware

      I reserved a room on the 10th of March and followed up by sending the receptionist a text with my details.

      Upon getting to the hotel tonight, I was told they did not "treat" the booking. They then said they will upgrade me to another room (Had the choice of 2). Ok, went up 3 flights of stairs only to find the door cannot open. Waited 5 minutes for them to try to sort it out.

      I was then called back to reception where I was handed my refund with I am sorry. Wonder what happened to the second room? More money?

      Can and will never recommend anybody staying in that hotel.


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