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Top 5 Techno Venues in Denver

Updated on December 10, 2009

The venue of a concert can really make or break your experience at a show. I have been attending techno shows of all different kinds for a number of years now all over the Western United States and I have to say my favorite venues are located in the Mile High City of Denver. Some of the best artists in the techno genre make appearances all over Denver and I have ranked the best venues in the Denver Metropolitan Area to help you make the best decision in choosing the best venue.

Beta Nightclub

Beta brings in some of the best techno artists in the country. Trance techno Artists like DJ Tiesto, Armin Van Buren, Benny Benassi, Carl Cox, Deadmau5, David Guetta, and many others make special appearances throughout the year. Beta is known for bringing in the top trance DJ’s in the world and they have the sound system to back it up. They are the first nightclub in North America to have the Funktion-One Speaker System implemented.

They have two of these systems in the club, giving them the reputation of having the best sound system for a club in the country. Not only does Beta have great sound quality, but they also have incredible light shows to add to the epic experience. Beta also has a great VIP section with tables and bottle service overlooking the dance floor and stage, giving you the best seat in the house! The dress code at this club leans toward the trendy side. That doesn’t mean you need to come in a sport coat, but I wouldn’t recommend showing up in an old t-shirt and shorts.

The Church

If you don’t feel guilty partying it up in an old cathedral than check out this incredible venue. They bring in the top DJs just like Beta does, and the venue is incredibly unique thus making the show that much more exciting! The only factor that sets Beta apart from The Church is the level of sound quality that Beta has.

The venue consists of seven different rooms. The main room is called the atrium/dance floor; it is the main focus of the venue and always has an incredible lightshow. There is also a live funk band room, a sushi bar, a cigar lounge, an eighties gothic industrial room, a rooftop, and a wine room. The diversity behind the different rooms brings in quite an eclectic group of people. Techno bands such as LMFAO, Tiesto, Infected Mushroom, Eric Prdyz, The Digitalist, Boys Noize, Sneaky Sound System, and many others have come to blow the roof off of this cathedral nightclub.

The Vinyl

The Vinyl reminds me of Beta Nightclub, but without the incredible sound quality or the amazing line up that Beta or The Church bring in. The Vinyl hosts various popular artists such as Paul Van Dyk, DJ Icey, DJ Low Key, and more.

It has a main room that provides a large dance floor and a mesmerizing lightshow for the mainstream events. Downstairs, there are private rooms if you are with an intimate group. The rooftop lounge allows for an escape from the heavy beats where you can take in breath taking views. Other aspects to this venue are the three dispersed bars throughout the club, making it easy to get a drink.

The Ogden Theatre

The Ogden Theatre reminds me of the Fillmore but with better sound quality. It is small and intimate just like The Fillmore yet it can put on a lightshow that makes you feel like you’re at Beta or The Church. You can get as close as you please to the stage, even if you show up late.

The Ogden hosts some incredible performers such as the Bloody Beetroots, Crookers, Justice, The Disco Biscuits, Fischerspooner, and much, much more. Like the Fillmore, the Ogden Theatre brings in artists of all different types of genres, but it is a great place to go nuts for any techno performance. The only problem with a small venue is that the lines for the bathroom and for the bar can get a bit frustrating.

The Fillmore Auditorium

If you are looking for a place where you can show up late and still get an amazing view of the show, like The Ogden, The Fillmore is the spot for you. Another similar characteristic that the Fillmore has in comparison to the Ogden is that when a lightshow is needed, they will blow your mind!

Although The Fillmore hosts shows of all different types of genres, it still brings in some of the hottest electronic performers such as STS9, MSTRKRFT, Ratatat, and many more. Although the lines tend to be somewhat long for a drink or to use the bathroom, the size of The Fillmore allows you to have a very up-close and personal experience or a more relaxed experience towards the back of the crowd or on the balcony. The crowd is typically tame and friendly, making it easier to make your way to the front. It is very easy to get extremely close to the artists, thus making it an epic night!

Closing Summary:

When looking at the venues above, it is easy to notice that the top 3 venues are all clubs. They give off the club atmosphere with the VIP sections and the overall swanky vibes you get right when you enter. Also, when looking at the recent performers, the top 3 venues bring in more of the trance and house artists and the bottom 2 venues bring in artists of all different genres, but still host incredible electronic shows. No matter which venue you end up at, you will be partaking in an unbelievable dance party that adds to an unforgettable night!

Which venue is your favorite?

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