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Top 5 Things to Love about Brazil

Updated on February 21, 2012

1. Soccer – Brazil has been a world soccer champion many times over in the last few decades. It has been able to secure more world cup placements than any other country in the world. Brazil’s soccer techniques have been studied and used with many teams over the years. Yet, Brazil has been able to maintain a solid record of attending some of the most privileged soccer tournaments year in and year out.

2. Woman – Brazilian culture has idolized the Brazilian woman for decades. These women are sought after the world over for their unimaginable beauty. Men come here from all over the world looking for the perfect model, to be there next cover girl. The culture in Brazil has followed suit in trying to make these woman beautiful. The woman of Carnival is also highly sought after and tourist. But, the super models that are from Brazil are numerous. Like Alessandra Ambrosio, Fernanda Motta, and Aline Nakashima.

3. It's Carnival- The most famous party to ever hit the face of the earth. Brazil’s carnival is the most famous parties ever in my opinion. No, other celebration has drawn millions of tourist like the celebration festivities of this festival every year. Everyone that lives must at least once in their lifetime attend the festivities at the Festival of carnival in their lifetime.

4. Amazon – The Amazon Rain forest of Brazil is another must see place in the Brazilian county side. The Amazon rainforest is considered the last significant rainforest in the world that holds the clues too many of earths mysteries. Including undiscovered species, cures to illness, and it helps produce more than a third of the oxygen that we breathe. It is necessary, that we educate people on the importance of keeping these beautiful and exotic rain forests safe for our future generations.

5. Samba and Capoeira – Brazil is made of many different races that have been intergraded with European, African, and Native. This it has introduced to the world a unique and colorful art form known as Samba and Capoeira. It combines a series of different aspects of the cultures from dance, music art, and more. It was created mainly by the slaves that were brought over on the ships from Africa. They are now a intricate and popular part of the culture of Brazil.


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