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Top 5 Travel Tips

Updated on February 23, 2011

Introduction to the Top 5 Travel Tips

Traveling is definitely one of the most fun and mind expanding things you can do. Different worlds and different cultures exist a flight away, but only a few people manage to escape to some wonderous destinations. The hardest part of traveling is accomplishing the first step, actually decidign to go somewhere. Once you have accomplished that you will soon be on your way to a whole new life of fun and adventure.

Unfortunately there can be some pitfalls, fortunately these top 5 travel tips will help keep you safe on your journey, and help you make the very most out of every place you visit!

Top 5 Travel Tips
Top 5 Travel Tips

Why Should I Listen to your Traveling Tips?

There are plenty of people out there who have traveled more than me, but that doesn't mean I am not familiar with the traveling world.  I have spent time in dozens of countries on two different continents, I have done continental road trips, stayed in camp sites, hostels  and hotels, visited one too many airports, and done stupid things in the wrong cities.

All this has taught me a lot about traveling, and from that wisdom I have gained, I will distill my top 5 Travel Tips, five nuggets of travel know how!

Tip 5 - Never Go Alone

This sounds a little unadventurous, and you can safely go around the world by yourself. However if you want to go out in to an unfamiliar city at night, you are infinitely safer if you go around with someone else.  If you are traveling through hostels you will find this very easy, but it is a little harder when you are in a hotel.

Tip 4 - Don't Dress Like a Tourist

Tourists are targets, try to blend in to the crowd a little, wherever you are in the world. This is not always easy, but making yourself a little bit inconspicuous can definitely help keep you safe from pickpockets and thieves.

The simplest way to avoid the attention of the criminal element in any city is simply to look like a resident.

Tip 3 - Get the Best Information

When you are in a foreign city you need to make sure you know a little bit about it. Familiarize yourself with a map, maybe download an iPhone Guided Tours app, or talk to the locals (Either in person or on an online traveling community). Doing a little research beforehand can greatly increase how much you enjoy a trip, and it can help you avoid getting lost, not knowing where you should visit, and avoid the worst places in a city.

Tip 2 - Avoid the Tourist Traps

You will inevitably end up in one or two of these, and they can be a little bit fun. For the most part however there is plenty you can see in any city, without getting completely ripped off. Tourist traps are kind or boring for seasoned travelers, but they are still a fairly good place to stop by if you want to pick up some good 'touristy' gifts for people back home.

Tip 1 - Learn the Language!

I don't mean learn every word here, but getting a few of the basics under your belt is not too hard.  Locals in any country will be much more open to helping you if it appears you have attempted to learn a little of their language and culture. Even if you can say a few basic words, they will see you are trying, and will also be more open to admitting that they speak English!

You should definitely learn the polite local word for hello, can you help, and sorry to bother you.  A little politeness really does go an incredibly long way!


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    • CrossWords profile image

      CrossWords 6 years ago

      Those are good tips, I will remember them! I love to travel! Thank you!

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 6 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      I definitely agree with what you say here, especially learning some basic language phrases in the foreign language.