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Top 5 Tropical Islands for Honeymoon

Updated on March 9, 2013

People like to make their honeymoon special. They want to spend this time in a special place. And what can be a more special place than a tropical island for spending the most beautiful honeymoon time? I am here to describe the top 5 tropical islands you can visit with your special one.



Fiji is a land of wonder, a land of beauty, a land where one just cannot but skip a breath and feel awed by its angelic grace. Fiji has everything. There are mountains to hike on, there are sea beaches to walk and warm your feet on, and there is the ocean to bathe or dive in. Fiji has a total of 322 islands and 522 islets, most of the islands being uninhabited. One island is different from the other, each more enticing than the other, each offering a unique touch of glamour. Apart from hiking and diving, there are also arrangements for snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, sailing etc. for the more energetic tourists.


Mnemba Island

Rising from the cerulean depths of the Indian Ocean, Mnemba Island is one of the most exquisite sites any human eyes have ever looked at. Resembling a green heart floating on the azure waves, this a tiny island covered in deep jade forests. This privately owned island is one of the most popular scuba diving spots in the world, and also probably the only place where you can swim alongside dolphins and whale sharks. You also wouldn't need to be too lucky to come across migratory shore birds while you visit here, as they feed and roost on the island. Exhilaration, adventure and thrill, all the perks of life culminate in this tiny islet of the Zanzibar Archipelago.


Cebu Island

When the worldwide scuttle for exotic spices began in the East, the legendary Portuguese navigator Magellan was crossing the Visayan Sea while sailing for Spain. He came upon the island of Zubu (Cebu) on April 7, 1521, and thus discovered the Philippines. And poetic justice be served, Cebu Island till today is the most appealing site in the entire Philippines. A thirst quencher for the hardiest tourists, the island houses everything from five star hotels to golf courses to casinos to shopping malls. On this tropical island you will also find majestic limestone plateaus and terrific diving sites. There are quite a few uninhabited islets around the island where one can find the tranquil grandeur of mother nature.


Fernando de Noronha

What if you came to know that there was a piece of land somewhere on the earth, where the total number of tourists is strictly kept up to a maximum of only 420 at a time, and it's one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites? Yes, Fernando de Noronha is the only such island in the planet, with its pristine natural grace and perpetual silence of mother earth. You should also know that the island was entirely covered in forest until 19th century, when it was cleared to prevent prisoners on the island from building rafts. Till today, it is predominantly covered by shrubs. Very rare in its own kind, this volcanic island has been preserved as much as possible from urbanization and touch of the divine splendor is still there.



If there were one place in the world that was so sacred, so divine and so blessed that words not only could not describe it but it was a blasphemy to even try so, it would be Tahiti. Exclusive and matchless in every scope, this is one piece of land you just cannot get enough of. With its thatch-roofed cottages and see through floors which allow you to look at swimming fish as you walk just a centimeter over them, Tahiti is truly the never-never-land of your dreams. It is specially adored by newlyweds as their first choice honeymoon spot. The largest island in the Windward group of French Polynesia, located in the archipelago of the Society Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is also one of the world's most popular spa destinations, along with the opportunities of virgin flower bath, lush herbal shower and even a full body wrap in pineapple leaves; a genuine tribute to each of your senses.


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mnemba island:
Mnemba Island, Tanzania

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cebu island:
Cebu Island, Philippines

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Fernando de Noronha:
Fernando de Noronha

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French Polynesia

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