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Top 5 myths about India

Updated on August 20, 2014
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India, a democratic country located in South Asia , considered to be the 7th largest country by area and 2nd most populous with over 1.2 billion people. Its a home to a variety of religions like hinduism , buddhism , jainism , christanity , islam etc . It has an abundance of biodiversity , great diversity of religions , languages ,culture etc Currently its the second most fastest developing country after china . Despite being such a promising country , there are some popular myths about India that i wanna point out in this article.

Myth1: India is a poor country

Poverty is always at the top of the excuse list why potential tourists dont travel to India . Its a poor country so lets just dont go there watch poverty stricken people . But here is the truth--India is a developing nation and not just developing , it has the second largest rate of development after china which means very soon , India is going to be a developed country and stand amongst the leaders like US , UK etc. Since its a developing nation , there's a lot of new job and development opportunities there . India has a very fast emerging middle class which is the main reason behind the awesome development rate. It has a Very successful IT sector and the largest pool of engineers in the whole world (yes! engineers , one of the toughest professions that require skills and perseverance which is present in abundance into the spirit of Indians.). The corporate sector there is also developing at amazing rates and the lifestyle of indians has peaked in the last two decades.
I wont say india has no poverty , of course there's a large number of people living under the poverty line but has a significant amount of rich and middle class population too. So calling India a poor nation is foolishness ,. its better to just go there and watch it with your own eyes, just how much poverty is there in India!

Mumbai, India
Mumbai, India | Source

Myth2: India is a place filled of mysteries and snake charmers

This is another myth about India that its filled of mysteries , snake charmers etc.. Its quite famous because how India is portrayed in movies where they are shown wearing turbans , loose costumes with weird accessories here and there. Well lemme tell you something , its just how movies try to tell you about India to make it look more mysterious and interesting. In reality , snake charming and magic shows are just another profession and they are very few in numbers.Not all Indians wear turbans and loose clothes and they are definitely not the descendents of tarzan at all .
India has a huge population of working middle class and has the largest pool of engineers . You must have heard of NASA or CERN ? Can you just guess the number of highly skilled engineers and scientists required to run these places. well India contributes the largest percentage of scientists with almost 36% in NASA . Did you know that as many as 12% scientists and 38% doctors in the US are Indians and they dont wear turbans or mysteries snakes around their necks.

Myth3: India is full of diseases.

This is one of the biggest myths about India that its a place full of diseases . Well lemme clarify some things for you . This myth is because how India is portrayed in movies as a third world, backward country where all you can find is garbage . Unhygienic living conditions are just present in some areas of India . It has one of the most developed medical industry in the world , many specialists come from India and people from all over the world come here to get treatment, spiritual treatment etc . Hospitals and healthcare facilities can be found anywhere in almost all of the residential places .

And medical bills are so cheap here that getting sick is nothing to worry about . Most tourist who visit India are initially worried about it but later they find out that India is nothing like the way they imaged and its fairly cheap when it comes to medical treatments.

Indian doctors in an operation room.
Indian doctors in an operation room. | Source

Myth4: India is dirty.

Its one of the most ridiculous myths about India being dirty. You see...there's a notion in India which says 'Cleanliness goes parallel with godliness' . Just because there's trash next to roadside doesn't mean India is a dirty place . You will find a lot of roadside shopkeepers and locals sweeping the ground around their homes or shops to keep the garbage away because according to their notion , keep it clean or 'goddess of wealth- Lakshmi' wont come to your house/shop. Once the garbage is thrown out of house , many garbage pickers come and pick up the valuable items , then garbage management companies take out the rest of the garbage and its recycled. The garbage management is done on daily basis and its a big business also considering the population of India and the waste generated by them .
So calling India or Indians dirty is a ludicrous thing in its own way!


Myth5: India is too hot.

India is hot only in summers and that too only if hot really doesn't work well with you . If you are not good with hot climate , go for the hill stations like the british did when they first conquered India .You will need jackets and warm clothing as temperature may drop to very chilly and lightly cold. you might even see some animals wearing clothes as locals are very cautious and make sure their animals don't feel cold . Hot places in INDIA are located in south and west. If you go north and east ,the temperature starts to get moderate and then cold. The far eastern and northern parts of India are covered in snow in winters and comprise of the most scenically beautiful places on earth.
The best time to visit India is between september and march . The most popular hill stations in India are chail , kufli , wilson , nainital , shimla & manali .
Not to forget India's northern part is fenced by the great HIMALAYAN RANGES,, so calling India hot on a whole is a bit foolishness.


what do you think about the myths related to INDIA?

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    • SANJAY LAKHANPAL profile image

      Sanjay Sharma 3 years ago from Mandi (HP) India

      Nice hub to shatter the negative myths against India.