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Top 6 amusement parks in the world

Updated on December 14, 2015

Whether it is personal or professional life, there is a lot of stress amongst individuals. There are numerous options available for this and one of the best options is to go to an amusement park. People often think that amusement parks are only for strong hearted people. If you are one of those who think that amusement parks are not suitable for them, then you should go through the below list of best amusement parks in the world. There are numerous amusement parks that take you to the world of adventure and excitement. Amusement parks such as – magic kingdom, Walt Disney world, Islands of adventure, Epcot have become iconic symbols due to their wholesomeness combined with thrilling rides and tasty food. Amusement parks are a growing industry and millions of visitors every year.

There is an increasing demand of amusement parks and the average price of one day ticket in any amusement park in US is approximately $25 per person. Many parks offer attractive deals and packages in the form of seasonal pass to drive traffic. Many people realize that the cost of season pass is just a few dollars more than the price of one day ticket and show interest in buying seasonal pass. Below is the list of top amusement parks in the world that had millions of attendees in 2015.

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  1. Walt Disney World, Orlando, United States

Walt Disney World is one of the highly visited amusement parks in the world covering an area of 27,443 acres and is the largest amusement pak in the world. It has 4 different theme parks inside and contains Epcot, magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Besides this, it also houses 2 water parks and 24 resort hotels.

Attractions – It is very difficult to choose the best attraction in Walt Disney World, as there are numerous attractions and things to do. Some of the must to enjoy attractions include – Expedition Everest, Soarin, Jungle Cruise, Star Tours, Splash Mountain, Country Bear Jamboree, It’s a Small World, Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Star Tours at Disney

2. Port Aventura, Salou, Spain

This is the best place for adventure lovers and thrill seeking individuals. This wonderful amusement park is divided into 5 sub-sections and is based on the themes of 5 different countries, namely – Mexico, China, Polynesia, the Far West and the Mediterranean. One can find plenty of water adventures through different rides in the aquatic park. Recently, a new ride Hurakan Condor was launched that is only for selected individuals. It features a 282 foot free fall with tilted seats and offers an out of world experience. Port Aventura has more than 30 rides and everybody has got something.

Attractions – This is one of those places where you can experience excitement and adventure that will be there with you forever. Some of the best attractions in PortAventura are – SesamoAventura, Far West, Polynesia, Mediterrania, Dragon Khan, Furius Baco, Huraka Condor, Spampida, Shambhala etc.


Furius Baco

3. Europa Park, Rust, Germany

Europa Park boasts the best themes from German and French areas with 16 shows, 12 roller coasters, water rides and many indoor activities. The most impressive part of this amusement park is the food selection with more than 70 restaurants and bars to choose from. Each and every restaurant is unique with its own cuisine.

Attractions – Europa Park, Rust is one of the leading theme parks with major attractions that include – Alphine Coaster Enzian, Christkindi Market, Atlantis Adventure, Ball Pool, ARTHUR, and Cinderella. Anderson’s Fairy Tale Tower, Crazy Taxis, The Golden Goose, The Valiant Little Tailor and many more.


Euro-Mir Roller Coaster

4. Efteling, Netherlands

This is the largest theme park in Netherlands that is spread over an area of 160 acres with natural forest surroundings. It is divided into four sections that include – fairy realm, travel realm, other realm and rough realm. The fairy tale realm is the biggest attraction in Efteling that is designed to arouse the imagination of visitors. It’s beautiful flora and fauna is truly enthralling to senses. Besides this, there are other sections that include – roller coasters, haunted houses, water rides, magic carpets, and many more. With plenty of water bodies and beautiful gardens, it is a must to visit amusement park for every family.

Attractions – Visitors will get a chance to glide through the enchanting world of fairies and trolls. Some of the major attractions are – Raveleijn, Aquanura, Joris en de Draak, Fairytale tree, De Vilegende Hollander, PandaVision, Rapunzel, Table Be laid, Tom Thumb, Avonturen Doolhof etc.



5. Ocean Park, Hongkong

Ocean Park is a unique themed park in Honk Kong, which is not just an amusement park, but is an oceanarium, marine mammal park, animal theme. The main attraction of Ocean Park is the sea creatures like – dolphin, seals, and jelly fish etc that come face to face. Adventure lovers can enjoy the thrills in a ride called Abyss Turbo drop that come down from a height of 20 floors in just 5 seconds. Besides this, there are other fun rides like – the dragon, raging river, mine train etc.

Attractions – Ocean Park, a theme park in Hongkong provides fun & entertainment for your whole family. Some of the spectacular attractions include – Hair Raiser, The Dragon, Bumper Blaster, The Abyss, The Eagle, The Whirly Bird etc.

Hair Raiser, Ocean Park

The Whirly Bird

Best Amusement parks in the world

6. Silver Dollar city, Missouri

This is an expansive theme park in Branson with dozens of live music shows and more than 40 rides. Recently, it expanded with its all-new park zone. This amusement park is built with families in mind and is set-up to model an old-time firefighter fair with multiple activities. If you ever get a chance to visit Missouri, don’t miss the firefall in this amusement park. The Firefall is a launch drop ride that sends the riders 8 stories up before gravity takes over and brings them down with a thrilling bounce. There is an interactive fun house for younger group with buckets to fill and dump, foam ball cannons to shoot at targets and many more.

Attractions – There are a number of thrill seeking adventures and rides like – Outlaw Run, WildFire, Fire in the Hole, Thunderation, Grand Exposition Coaster, Powder Keg etc.

Fire in The Hole

Grand Exposition Coaster

Visitors to the amusement parks around the world is going on increasing, and is not just limited to the above list. According to recent statistics, there were nealy 15 million visits to the top 10 amusement parks in the year 2015. It is expected that the number of visitors will surely cross 20 million in 2016.


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