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Top 7 Things to Do in Tbilisi

Updated on January 4, 2017

Traveling is one of the favorite hobbies of millions of people across the globe. To tell the truth, I’m not an exception and I try to combine my work of a web developer and my hobby. I’ve already managed to visit several European countries. I’ve recently come back from Georgia and I should admit that it is one of the most friendly and welcoming countries I’ve ever been to. That’s why, I decided to tell you a bit about the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi - and the most captivating things you can do there.

Tbilisi is a pictureque and modern European city
Tbilisi is a pictureque and modern European city

Top 7 Things to Do in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is, undoubtedly, a beautiful town with a rich history. There are lots of places that are worth visiting there, so, you can travel to the capital of Georgia both in winter and in summer. You will surely find something to do there. The Georgians are very friendly, sincere, open-hearted and ready to help the tourists any time of the day. Georgian cuisine is famous all over the world due to the abundance of spices and traditional dishes that always stand out from the crowd. Having visited the city, I’ve made up the list of things to be done in Tbilisi.

1. Visiting “Dry Bridge” Jumble Market

“Dry Bridge” jumble market is a place, where the tourists can buy souvenirs. This is the major antiquarian market in Tbilisi, which is located in the open air. The choice of souvenirs is wider there as compared to other city markets and they are also much cheaper. The market is opened since 11 AM.

Traditional Georgian cuisine tastes delicious!
Traditional Georgian cuisine tastes delicious!

2. Eating Traditional Georgian Dishes

Georgia is unthinkable without its traditional dishes. It is impossible to visit the country without eating churchhela, khinkali, khachapuri and unbelievable delicious meat dishes with versatile sauces! You can buy churchhela at the local markets, while khinkali and khachapuri are available in any café or restaurant.

3. Drinking Georgian Wine

Wine is an indispensible part of the Georgian culture. There is, probably, no family that doesn’t make wine in Georgia. At the same time, you can taste traditional local wine sorts in any café and you won’t regret that!

4. Resting in Sulfur Saunas

Sulfur Saunas are very popular in Georgia and Tbilisi in particular. There is even a separate district in the city, which is famous for its saunas. The region is known as Abanotubani. Saunas in Tbilisi are rich in sulfur, which gets there from the underground supplies. You can order massage, while resting in a sulfur sauna.

The city looks great and a bit mysterious at night
The city looks great and a bit mysterious at night

5. Riding the Ropeway

The Ropeway is one of the major entertainments in Tbilisi. Most tourists like it a lot and get real pleasure from the opportunity to get to the Mother of Kartli Statue and the Narikala castle by the Ropeway, which starts at the European Square.

6. Riding the Tbilisi Funicular

You can also ride the Tbilisi Funicular to the Mtatsminda Park to enjoy the view of the night city and the Tbilisi Tower, take a ride on the observation wheel or visit the amusement park. The funicular is located around 10-15 minutes up from the European Square and you won’t have any problems when getting there.

7. Visiting the Turtle Lake and the Tbilisi Sea

If you like wild rest, then you will definitely enjoy the picnic near the Turtle Lake. This place is picturesque and very attractive. If you have time, you can also go to the so-called Tbilisi Sea, which is especially beautiful and welcoming in summer.

Listed above are only several major things you should do during your trip to Tbilisi. Personally, I have done all of them and I’m sure that you will have much fun and lots of memories after your visit to the capital of Georgia!


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