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Top 7 Towns of Fairfield County Connecticut

Updated on April 4, 2013

Top 7 Towns of Fairfield County Connecticut

Southern Connecticut includes some of the richest towns in America. The area is known as the Gold Coast, which runs from Greenwich up to Fairfield and overlooks the Long Island Sound. With beautiful beaches, big houses and the lush green landscape it is a picturesque spot to live. Fairfield County schools annually rank as some of the top in the country and the towns are geared for the family lifestyle. Fairfield County ranks sixth in the US in per-capita personal income by the Bureau of Economic Analysis in 2005, contributing substantially to Connecticut being one of the most affluent places to live in the US. With one of the countries best metro systems feeding Fairfield Country strait into New York City, it is one of the prime places to live for some of the countries rich and powerful.

1. Westport

Population: 26, 391

Median household income: $150,771

Westport lays right in is the heart of the Gold Coast. It is best known for its great chic New York-type fashion shopping in its town center, great dining, beautiful beaches and champion rowing clubs. In 2008 Westport was ranked the tenth wealthiest town in the U.S. with populations between 20,000 and 65,000, and second in the state. In the school year of 2008–2009, Connecticut Magazine ranked Staples High School the No.1 School in Connecticut.

2. New Canaan

Population: 19,738

Median household income: $179,338

New Canaan is now the most affluent town in Fairfield County. Boasting a great town center shopping area along with the New Canaan train station being in the heart of the town. New Canaan is also considered to have one of the best school systems in Connecticut.

3. Fairfield

Population: 59,404

Median household income: $113,248

Fairfield is the biggest towns in Fairfield County and is the north end of the gold coast. Home to Fairfield University, there is an obvious college feel to the town center. Fairfield has Fairfield Country’s only all boy private school Fairfield Prep right on the Fairfield University campus.

4. Ridgefield

Population: 24,638

Median household income: $132,907

Ridgefield is known for its main street with its beautiful colonial houses and large sidewalks it is a very charming site. It starts at the famous Ridgefield Fountain and ends at the old Ridgefield Mansion. Many great stores and little eateries line the main street but if you get a chance to get into the hills there are many great ponds and lakes to visit.

5. Darien

Population: 20,732

Median household income: $175,766

Darien is local known as the stockbroker’s town and by square mile is one of the smallest towns in Fairfield County. It has a little bit of every Fairfield town and has easy access to Stamford the major city in Fairfield County.

6. Wilton

Population: 18,062

Median household income: $153,770

Wilton has done wonders in the last ten years building up its town center by adding shopping and a movie theater. Wilton is in the middle on Fairfield county acting as the gateway between northern and southern Fairfield County.

7. Greenwich

Population: 61,171

Median household income: $124,958

Greenwich is probably one of the best well-known towns in the country let alone Fairfield County. It is considered the Hedge fund capital of the United States and has one of the top private hospitals in the nation.

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