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Top Attractions in Phuket - Splendid Sights for The Visitor

Updated on March 14, 2016

The lovely island of Phuket is always an engrossing place to visit and explore. It features a host of fascinating natural and cultural attractions that are sure to interest the visitor.

Phang Nga Bay

The beautiful Phang Nga Bay is a marvel of nature that never fails to capture the imagination of the visitor. A feature of this bay that will immediately attract the visitor's attention is the steep limestone karsts which seem to emerge vertically from the surface of the shimmering waters. Probably the best way to experience the sensational scenery of the area would be to take a boat excursion from the northern part of Phuket. You will have the opportunity to cruise through the magnificent islands in the bay, perhaps stopping occasionally to stroll along some of the tranquil local beaches.

One of the popular attractions in the area would be the renowned James Bond Island, which was featured in one of the well-known Bond films. The spectacular natural scenery of this islet never fails to amaze and delight the visitor, with the island's rocky protrusion being instantly recognizable.

Another intriguing attraction in the area is the remarkable Koh Panyee Village. All of the dwellings and other features of the village have been constructed atop stilts which rise out of the waters. Here you will find numerous souvenir shops as well as restaurants in which visitors may enjoy a lunch of freshly caught seafood.

Old Phuket Town

Naturally no visit to the area would be complete without exploring the distinctive Old Phuket Town. Unlike some towns in Thailand this engrossing locality contains many interesting features and boasts a personality of its own. In the Old Town you will encounter attractions like fascinating temples, shrines, quaint shophouses, charming cafes, printing establishments and a number of museums.

Phuket Old Town was in fact constructed with the riches that resulted from the tin boom that occurred many decades ago, when this metal was considered greatly valuable. In this locality visitors will be able to observe grand mansions that were once the residences of the tin barons. The Old Town is small enough for visitors to stroll through leisurely. You will find plenty of cafes and restaurants in which you can replenish your energies.

The main avenue of the Old Town is Thalang Road, which is always a charming place to explore. It features an array of appealing shops, a selection of restaurants and other attractions, all featuring the distinctive local Sino-Portuguese style of architecture. The old buildings are charming and quaint to observe, with the shophouses containing establishments such as pharmacies, souvenir shops, clothing stores, jewellery boutiques, food outlets and more.

Bangla Road Nightlife

If you desire lively nightlife the place to go is undoubtedly Bangla Road. This vibrant part of the island really becomes lively after the sun sets, with the entire extent of the avenue becoming a festival of lively music, neon illuminations and cheap beer. Often crowded throughout the year, this locality is always an engrossing area to stroll through, with the clubs and bars all competing enthusiastically for customers.

The bars are generally located outdoors, so that the loud music coming from each establishment becomes a booming cacophony of sound. You will find a host of beer bars lining the street, along with some discos, restaurants, pubs and shops. Visitors will also be able to enjoy an array of street side performances, which compete for visitors' attention with the leaflet distributors, salesmen from the tailor shops, show touts and street vendors.

You will find that Bangla Road features a number of avenues and side streets that are packed with attractions. Soi Tiger and Soi Freedom are amongst those worth visiting and which feature lively bars and nightlife. As you enjoy the many attractions of the island a fine choice in accommodation would be Anantara Layan Phuket Resort, one of the boutique hotels Phuket offers within easy reach of its nightlife hubs.

Big Buddha

The splendid Big Buddha statue in Phuket is undoubtedly one of its outstanding visitor attractions. Ranked amongst Phuket's most significant and venerated landmarks, this breathtaking 45 m tall image is positioned atop the Nakkerd Hills. In fact this position offers panoramic views across the island, enabling visitors to look out over Phuket Town, Karon Beaches, Kata and Chalong Bay in addition to other areas.

As you reach the image you will find that the site is very tranquil and peaceful, with the only sounds to be heard being the Buddhist flags flapping in the breezes and the gentle tinkling of bells in addition to the soft religious music.

The statue itself is an impressive sight, being 25 m in width at its base. The statue has been constructed with sturdy concrete and white jade Burmese marble which glistens in the sun, creating a splendid sight. Visitors will also notice a second, smaller statue of the Buddha in proximity to the main statue, which looks golden despite being composed of brass.

The maintenance and upkeep costs of the statue are derived solely from donations, and many choose to contribute and write messages, often to deceased loved ones, on the marble slabs that may be purchased for the purpose.


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