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Top Biking Trip in the North

Updated on December 22, 2017

Solo road trips are my true passion. Why? Because it’s just my bike and me, what could be better? I own a very special Royal Enfield Himalayan which I use specifically for long road trips. I recently completed the mother of all trips, a 2500km ride through Delhi-Manali-Leh. This trip was simply astounding

This year in July on a rainy Thursday evening, stuck in heavy traffic, getting drenched in the rain, a thought struck me. Why haven’t I done a road trip to Leh, yet? What’s stopping me? I used to worry that it was too long to do alone. But this thought stuck with me, I just felt the need to be free. With thorough determination, I did the trip two weeks later, leaving in early August.

Before every road trip I take my bike to a mechanic and spend an hour or two prepping it for the trip. For example, I spend time deciding on the best engine oil. The mechanic always seems to recommend a Castrol oil, most recently I have been happy with the POWER1 series. Other than this there are minor touch ups such as the break-pads and suspension.

If you’re going for a road trip in the North, Ladakh is a must, a biker’s ritual. I managed to get my bike carefully shipped to Delhi and I rode out from there. There is just so much about the trip that left me speechless. The crimson sunsets, the chilly air, and the exhilaration of riding on Khardung La, the highest motorable road. There is nothing like it.

After reaching Manali I got my bike checked up and did so again once I reached Leh. In Leh an oil refuel done just to be safe. I was very happy with the Castrol POWER1, I used the 4T 20W-50, it seemed to give me that extra bit of acceleration that was very important for slopes, which were plentiful on the trip. People talk of the roads, but even city of Leh was wonderful. Especially the Buddhist culture.

The locals gave me a Buddhist Prayer Flag, which I tied between my two mirrors. Along with this the sound of the local Tibetan Singing Bowl was hauntingly beautiful. The Buddhist culture is one thing few road trippers talk about, it is beautifully unique. With the wind in my hair, an open road in sight and my Royal Enfield Himalayan with me, it was a feeling of true freedom. I truly discovered myself on this solo trip and one thing is for sure, my motorbike and I belong together somewhere in the mountains.

Here’s to many more solo road trips!


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      DariusPanday 2 months ago

      While riding up in the north of India you will face a lot of inclined stretches. To experience sustained acceleration use only Castrol POWER1 CRUISE.

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