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Top Destination Spots in Kentucky

Updated on October 25, 2015

10. Louisville Slugger Museum

All my life I have been surrounded by sports. My dad and two brothers liked all kinds of different sports and there was always a game playing on the television or an announcer on the radio.

After all the years that have went by, sports are still a main interest to many people in my life and I think a vacation is in order!

First on the list is the perfect spot for baseball lovers.

The Louisville Slugger Museum is located in Louisville, Kentucky and manufactures professional baseball bats for the MLB and are also the number one bats used in the sport.

Outside of this museum sits the largest baseball bat in the world. This steel bat weighs 68,000 pounds and is a replica of Babe Ruth's 34 inch Louisville Slugger bat. It sounds like that bat would be best suited for Paul Bunyan!

The Louisville Slugger Museum houses bats used by; Mickey Mantle, Johnny Bench, Cal Ripken Jr. and Derek Jeter. Some of the greats in baseball history.

You can also see the bat that Babe Ruth carved each home run into.

Take the factory tour and get a free miniature bat to take home with you.

The Louisville Slugger Museum also has personalized bat for sale.

The Buds Batting Cages are available to use and offer replica bats to hit the balls with.

Babe Ruth


Louisville Slugger Museum

Louisville Slugger Museum
Louisville Slugger Museum | Source

9. Kentucky Derby

The famous Kentucky Derby has to be in my list. If you are a horse lover, grab your big hats and mint juleps and mark your calendar for the first Saturday in May.

The Kentucky Derby is located in Louisville, Kentucky and is two weeks long. The winner is presented with a 400-rose covered garland and are also given 60 long stemmed roses. Roses are the Kentucky Derby's official flower.

On the same grounds as Churchill Downs, The Kentucky Derby Museum houses exhibits and fun for the whole family.

This festival has been going on since 1875 and is still at its best.

Mint Julep Recipe

2 Cups Sugar

2 Cups Water

Fresh Mint

Crushed Ice

Kentucky Whiskey

With the sugar and water, make a simple syrup by boiling them together for five minutes. Cool and put in 6 to 8 mint sprigs. its best to let this refrigerate overnight.

Fill up cup with crushed ice, adding a tablespoon of mint syrup and two ounces of Kentucky Whiskey. Stir and garnish with fresh mint.

The Delicious Mint Julep

Mint Julep
Mint Julep | Source

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby
The Kentucky Derby | Source

8. Kentucky Speedway

Sparta, Kentucky is home to the Kentucky Speedway and hosts many kinds of car racing events.

Nascar, Arca and indie racers all use this track. It was open in 2000 and construction was 153 million dollars.

If you are a fan of car racing, the Kentucky Speedway is worth checking into.

I have watched NASCAR off and on throughout my life and must say, if it is as exciting in person as it is on TV, I am in!

Not to mention; I could look at Jeff Gordon all day long!

The Kentucky Speedway

ARCA | Source

7. International Bluegrass Music Museum

Music is like a treasure chest full of our memories. Whether it is rock, pop, rap, country western or disco, it creates nostalgia for all of us. Bluegrass is mine. Of course I like many other genres of music, but bluegrass takes me back.

The international Bluegrass Music Museum is in Owensboro, Kentucky and houses many exhibits along with posters and costumes.

The exhibits housed at this great museum are both permanent and changing. These exhibits focus on bluegrass music along with its events such as festivals and concerts. The museum is a tribute to bluegrass pioneers.

There is a cafe set up in a 1950s motif and offers an old jukebox with bluegrass music you can choose from.

Don’t forget to go to the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame which is another thing to see when you visit the International Bluegrass Music Festival.

Museums and music, two of my favorite things wrapped into one!

Do you enjoy bluegrass music?

See results

The International Bluegrass Music Museum

6. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

Shaker Village sounds like such an interesting place to visit. Full of culture, history and beauty.

Also known as Shakertown, Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is a spot where a religious shaker community settled from 1905-1910. It is a national historic landmark.

During the civil war the Shaker people started controversy in the area due to buying slaves and freeing them. Because of this--I think I love the Shaker people!

The Dixie Belle Riverboat Rides are a fun thing to do and offers some exploring off land. The scenery you see on these riverboat rides is stunning.

The majestic high limestone cliffs and the Kentucky River Palisades are so pretty and the river boat even passes over the historic, "High Bridge."

The Last of the Shakers


Sunrise at Shakertown
Sunrise at Shakertown | Source

5. Land between Lakes National Recreation Area

Between the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers sits the largest inland peninsula in the United States, The Land between Lakes National Recreation Area.

Also located in the beautiful area is a museum, planetarium and an environmental education center.

Land between Lakes also offers campgrounds, hiking trails, cabins and lodges.

Land Between Lakes also holds some history; The Battle of Fort Henry fought during the Civil War. Hike the Fort Henry Trails to learn more about the war.

wild flower surround this beautiful terrain and give the Elk and Bison Prairie a sense of beauty and nature.

Land Between Lakes

Land Between Lakes
Land Between Lakes | Source

4. Kentucky Horse Park

Opened in 1978, The Kentucky Horse Park is mainly a horse farm but is also a theme based educational park.

Many retired competition horses are retired there and the property is absolutely beautiful. A parade of breeds is shown at this park, along with many other events. The National Horse Center is located here as well.

The Kentucky Horse Park also hosts different events such as; a horse drawn tour, horses of the world shows which shows breeds from all over the world, horseback and pony rides and a playground for kids.

Horses at the Kentucky Horse Park

Belgian Horses at the Kentucky Horse park
Belgian Horses at the Kentucky Horse park | Source

3. Mammoth Cave National Park

Known to be the longest cave system in the world, Mammoth Cave National Park still has areas that are yet to be discovered.

Sandstone, located inside the cave gives it great stability.

Housed inside these spectacular caves is a sink hole called, “Cedar Sink”.

Scientists figure the caves have been around for 6000 years from human existence. Among the things discovered here are Indian artifacts.

Mammoth Cave: The History

Mammoth Caves National Park

Mammoth Caves National Park
Mammoth Caves National Park | Source

2. Cumberland Gap Historical Park

Located in the Appalachian Mountains, the Cumberland Gap Historical Park is full of beautiful scenery including;

The Hensley Settlement; located on top of Brush Mountain, The Cumberland Gap Tunnel and Gap Cave which was used by Native Americans.

There are also spectacular views of mountains, waterfalls and forests.

Cumberland Gap Historical Park

Cumberland Gap
Cumberland Gap | Source

1. Daniel Boone National Forest

Daniel Boone National Forest is a must see!

It is full of lakes, trails, waterfalls, gorges and beautiful arches.This land is absolutely breathtaking.

If you have seen or ever see this beautiful national forest, you will see why I chose this as my number one pick.

Daniel Boone National Forest: Moon Arch

Natural Arch; Daniel Boone National Forest
Natural Arch; Daniel Boone National Forest | Source

Here is a map to help you get around Kentucky

show route and directions
A markerLouisville Slugger Museum -
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, 800 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202, USA
get directions

B markerKentucky Derby -
Derby, Clay, KY 42404, USA
get directions

C markerKentucky Speedway -
Kentucky Speedway Boulevard, Sparta, KY 41086, USA
get directions

D markerInternational Bluegrass Music Museum -
International Bluegrass Music Museum, 207 East 2nd Street, Owensboro, KY 42303, USA
get directions

E markerLand between Lakes National Recreation Area -
Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, Murray, KY 42071, USA
get directions

F markerKentucky Horse Park -
Kentucky Horse Park, 4089 Iron Works Pkwy, Lexington, KY 40511, United States
get directions

G markerMammoth Caves National Park -
Mammoth Cave National Park, 1 Mammoth Cave Parkway, Mammoth Cave, KY 42259, USA
get directions

H markerCumberland Gap Historical Park -
Cumberland Gap, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, 1, VA 24248, USA
get directions

I markerDaniel Boone National Forest -
Daniel Boone National Forest, 1700 Bypass Road, Winchester, KY 40391, USA
get directions


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    • TimArends profile image

      Timothy Arends 3 years ago from Chicago Region

      Mammoth Cave is an absolutely awesome attraction that I still remember from my visit there as a very young child of about six or seven years old. I particularly remember the large underground cafeteria there!