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The Top Five Attractions to See in San Francisco

Updated on May 24, 2015

Excited about your upcoming trip to San Francisco? You should be! The kind people, mild weather, unique mix of architecture and some of California’s most notable landmarks will give you the opportunity to enjoy a trip like no other.

With so many great places to see in San Francisco, however, it might be difficult to pick just a few. To simplify the task, the following guide will acquaint you with five of San Francisco’s must-sees.

Golden Gate Bridge

You didn’t think we’d miss San Francisco’s trademark, did you? The orange bridge that peaks through the clouds is not only the city’s iconic structure but also a uniquely charming landmark with interesting history.

The Golden Gate Bridge was considered the greatest man-made sight in the USA when it was built in 1938. The two-mile long construction took four years to complete and was the world’s longest suspension bridge during the time.

If you want to photograph the notable bridge, go to the Posh Nob Hill area to capture it in all its beauty.

Alcatraz Island

The historic Alcatraz Island, best known for one of America’s most famous prisons, is a place you should certainly visit. The penitentiary was opened as a tourist attraction in 1973 and has brought millions of curious visitors to the island since then.

In case you are a movie fan, you will be excited to see the place where Al Capone and the Birdman were imprisoned. And while most tourists know Alcatraz for its notorious prison, the place is also a nesting birds national park.

Once you get tired from walking around, you should head back to the city and try one of its spectacular restaurants. You can visit McCormick and Kuleto – a dining spot that overlooks Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. The restaurant offers the best seafood selection and memorable desserts loved by locals and tourists alike.

Golden Gate Park

The one-of-a-kind green space situated in the heart of San Francisco is a place that will take your breath away. Golden Gate Park is known for its spectacular green gardens and its museums. An area of arid dunes before 1871, the park has now become the “lungs” of the city.

Tourist are amused by the park’s giant network of cycling paths and walking trails, thousands of different kinds of plants and trees, a few beautiful lakes, bridle-paths and a buffalo meadow. The landmark features a couple of interesting museums, a Japanese tea garden, a botanical garden and various greenhouses.

Golden Gate Park also hosts the California Academy of Science – an architectural marvel and a multilateral museum. The structure’s glass walls and solar panels match the natural surroundings in a unique way. Inside the building, you will see a planetarium, an aquarium and the Kimball Natural History Museum that exhibits T-Rex and blue whale skeletons.

Golden Gate Park is a wonderful place to visit, whether you’re a nature lover or a museum-goer. It might take you days to see all the memorable places in this giant area, so consider renting a bike and exploring all the spectacular gems hidden inside the park.

Cable Cars

San Francisco’s trams are an integral part of the city’s unique charm. Build in 1873 to make commuting easier for the residents of the hilly city, some of these vehicles are still operational and ready to welcome tourists. The only public transport system to be declared a historic monument can take you to most of San Francisco’s major attractions. You should certainly take the Powell-Mason and Powell-Hyde routes to enjoy the amazing scenery.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area in Marin County presents a great number of attractions such as amazing beach areas, a children’s museum, the Bay Area Discovery Museum, campgrounds, trails and picnic areas.

The park has a rich history – once a US Army post, Fort Baker has many historic buildings from the beginning of the 20th century.

Whether you arrive at Golden Gate National Recreation Area full of energy and ready to explore the 600 square miles of park or you simply want to enjoy the beauty of nature in the area, your good time is guaranteed.

Welcome to San Francisco!

Ready to come to San Francisco? These are just some of the wonderful and popular spots you should visit. Apart from going to these spectacular places, you should also wonder through the city to acquaint yourself with its spirit. Many of San Francisco’s most beautiful spots are located away from the tourist routes. Be an adventurer and an explorer for a day, if you want to experience San Francisco in all of its depth and nuances.

Top Five Attractions to See in San Francisco

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