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Top Five Hotels To Stay At In Southern Nevada

Updated on May 25, 2012

The Finale... Or Is It?

Okay so this is the last part of my three part series of the top five places in Southern Nevada to gamble, eat at a buffet and stay at. The possibility of throwing out another part to this series is still there but now I'm leaning more toward a top five worst places for certain things in Southern Nevada series, haven't really decided yet though.

However this hub is the one for the best hotels to stay at, whether it be due to price, comfort or sights from the windows we'll know once we get down to the reviewing. So let's start this hub off at the number five shall we?

5. Red Rock Resort - Las Vegas, NV

This is one of the best hotels I've ever stayed at. One day I got a free offer for Station casinos to stay in one of their hotels for the night. I figured why not Red Rock? It was the newest station casino so it probably had the best rooms. So my husband and I booked the room and went over to the casino to spend our night. Now there is a 100 dollar deposit that they hold on your card when you stay at any station casino in case of you causing damage to the room. So that's a bit of a downside. However the room was well worth it.

As soon as we walked into the room we were amazed. The view from the huge glass windows was amazing and allowed us to watch the sun set and rise. The bed was beyond comfortable and the bathroom was... well breath taking. It had a huge bathtub and right there above the bathtub was a flat screen TV. There's a little separate room in the bathroom that has the toilet and a separate encasing for the shower. By looking at the rooms at Red Rock you can tell Station Casinos went all out when building this hotel. Another great thing about Red Rock is it has a Kids Quest in it. Kids Quest is a play center for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. It's actually the largest hourly child care company.

The downside to this hotel is there is only one elevator to the rooms and if you are all the way down at the end of the hall get ready for a good trek to your destination. Another thing would be the 100 dollar deposit, but at the same time that's understandable. The main reason Red Rock is number five is because the rooms are pretty pricey the lowest I've seen is 100 bucks a night and that's for a week day or weekend that don't have any holidays in them. Out of 5 stars I give Red Rock a 3.5 because of price. However I give them a 4.75 on the level of comfort.

4. Texas Station - Las Vegas, NV

This review will be pretty fast. Texas Station is a nice place to stay if you want to do it on a budget. You can get a room here for as little as 20 bucks a night, the only thing is, much like Red Rock you have to give them a 100 dollar deposit on the room that you will get back after a couple business days.

Texas Station doesn't have the most eye catching rooms and the TV's are out of date but if you want to visit Vegas on a budget it does offer comfortable beds, a cheap buffet that's pretty good and it also has a Kids Quest. I'd give Texas Station a 3.25 stars out of 5. It's not really a bad place to stay, it's just outdated as far as the rooms go.

3. Buffalo Bills - Stateline, NV

I know I'm not the only one out there that absolutely adores Stateline. Ever time I've planned on staying in Stateline Buffalo Bills has been my number one choice. I tried staying at the Prime once but it really didn't work out for me, the rooms were puny and not really inviting.

However Buffalo Bills has always offered me extremely comfortable rooms without me having to pay a bunch of money. Not to mention the hotel has rides, a roller coaster, a log ride and a couple others. Which really makes it great for the family. I know most people don't go to Stateline to Vacation at Stateline, most of the people that go there are just passing through on their way to their destination. Buffalo Bills is definitely one of those places you'd want to stop and spend a night if it's on the way to somewhere your going though. It truly is a great place with wonderful service. I give Buffalo Bills a 3.75 out of 5.

2. Luxor - Las Vegas, NV

The Luxor in Las Vegas is known world wide. I've stayed here twice now and both times the service was absolutely wonderful. The first time I stayed here I was lucky enough to nail a tower luxury suite because they offered to upgrade me for only 70 dollars a night. The suite was broken up into three rooms, the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom. Inside the bathroom was a jet tub. The bed was pretty darn comfortable and the living room gave the room a homey feel.

The second time I stayed there I was booked in a pyramid deluxe room which is just there basic rooms. Anyways, that room was equally nice, however, I don't suggest people with weak stomachs to stay in the pyramid rooms. The only way up to your room is using their inclinators which can be quite a ride, they shake and well it's more of a you don't know if you're going to make it all the way up or if the things going to come down. However if you get a pyramid room on floor one through five you'll be fine those have regular elevators.

Overall the Luxor has wonderfully decorated rooms with comfortable beds and a homey feel. The price isn't too bad if you pick the right time. That reflects in my tower luxury suite for only 70 bucks a night. I think I'd give the Luxor a 3.75 out of 5 stars.

1. Colorado Belle - Laughin, NV

This is by far my favorite hotel to stay at. Not only does Laughlin have some of the most exciting things to do like Ski-Do, ride on boats along the river, see movies, bowl, and just have a good time gambling with great service but also offers the most relaxing atmosphere I've ever experienced in a state like Nevada where people visit to gamble. Las Vegas has nothing on Laughlin if you want to relax. Vegas is too flashy, bright, noisy. Laughlin sits right next to the Colorado River and is quiet, calm, not flashy at all. While Vegas is yelling "COME HERE AND PARTY!!!" Laughlin is sitting there going "Come Relax".

Out of all the hotels along the Laughlin strip my main one to stay at is the Colorado Belle. This hotel isn't a top of the line, completely up to date masterpiece by any means but that's what gives it it's appeal. When you walk down the hotel halls of the Colorado Belle it almost feels as though you are being swept back through to a time where you had no stress. The rooms themselves are beautiful, not a lot of light, not a lot of dark.

My personal preference is the River View rooms. These rooms have balcony's and two chairs on the balcony's that you can just sit on and relax. Smoke a cigarette and watch the people playing in the river or walk along the river walk. Even if you don't smoke you can still do that. Now, this hotel isn't really made for a family place. I suggest it more for a couple going on a vacation together, whether it's to get away from the kids for a bit or a honeymoon the Colorado Belle will offer a peaceful, relaxing environment for you to enjoy for a cheap price.

No place is perfect so I give this hotel a 4.6 out of 5 stars.


So that concludes the Top Five Places hub series I was working on. I hope my readers really enjoyed reading through it and maybe got some ideas from it for vacations in the future. Feel free to comment and let me know what you thought or maybe throw another hotel out there.


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    • Courtney_CollinsD profile image

      Courtney 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      I totally know where your coming from. If you book online with the Luxor they actually have some good deals too. It was nice to find out when I was looking for places to live out here and the Station Casinos prices are even lower if you're a players club member.

    • JaneKnowsbest profile image

      JaneKnowsbest 5 years ago

      Good to know..Las Vegas has so many options and it's hard to know where to go, especially when you're keeping expenses low. Thanks for the info.