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Top Five Museums in London

Updated on October 25, 2011

If you’re visiting London then a few days out at many of the capital’s great museums is a must. All of these museums are free to visit and have world class permanent collections, as well as seasonal exhibitions which are usually available free or for a reasonable fee.

5. The Victoria and Albert Museum- South Kensington

The V&A houses a world class collection of art and design spanning thousands of years and hailing from all over the world. Paintings, statues, pottery, glass, fashion, jewellery, furniture and more come together in one of the largest and richest collections in the world. Must sees include five of Da Vinci’s notebooks and the Great Bed of Ware which featured in Shakespeare’s Twelth Night and Byron’s Don Juan.

4. The Imperial War Museum- Lambeth Road

Often neglected due to its south of the river location, the Imperial War Museum houses a really interesting collection related to a number of conflicts that Britain has been involved in. From the machinery of war through to weaponry, history, art and the effect it has had on various parts of the population at different times, this looks at war from all angles. Of particular note are the trench exhibition and the espionage gallery.

3. The Science Museum- South Kensington

From the age of steam through to the space age and the modern world, the Science Museum features all the technology. Rockets and lunar-lander’s share the museum with early automobiles and planes and ship designs dating back to the eighteenth century. It’s almost worth a trip just to visit the Launch Pad children’s area and the gift shop which is full of unusual toys and experiments as well as freeze dried ice-cream, just like the astronauts ate on the Mercury Missions.

2. The British Museum- Great Russell Street

Housing a stunning collection of artefacts, the British Museum has treasures from all across the ancient world. It is home to the Rosetta Stone and, controversially, the Elgin Marbles, as well as home grown treasures like the Lewis Chessmen and the Sutton Hoo burial finds.

1. The Natural History Museum- South Kensington

Dinosaurs are the main attraction at the Natural History Museum and they have many fantastic fossils including T-Rex and, in the main hall, an enormous Diplodocus. The bird gallery contains a stuffed Dodo and there is a cast of an archaeopteryx fossil which is thought to be the missing link between birds and dinosaurs.


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    • Hayley Richardson profile imageAUTHOR

      Hayley Richardson 

      7 years ago from London, UK

      Which ones did you go to?

    • Sarahredhead profile image

      Sarah Jackson 

      7 years ago from Southern United States

      Excellent. I have been to three of these... More! More!

    • Hayley Richardson profile imageAUTHOR

      Hayley Richardson 

      7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you! These are all definitely worth a visit- you could spend a day at each of them and not get bored. I'm lucky enough to live in Greater London and I've visited all of these more times than I can count!

    • IndiePharm profile image


      7 years ago from Niš, Serbia

      Great one! When I visit London someday, I'll most certainly visit listed museums. You've got a follower! :)


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