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Top Five Southern California Tourist Attractions

Updated on June 24, 2008

Due to a certain topic I posted in the forum, I got an idea to write a hub on the top five tourist spots in SoCal, as most locals call it. Now this list is going to be made up of everything really, so its going to be hard to chose which five are going to get on it, but, without further ado here it goes.

5. Disneyland

Yes, that's right, Disneyland isn't number one on this list. In no way shape or form do I believe Disneyland is the greatest place to go in SoCal. However I do know it is popular enough and liked enough to make it on this list. Disneyland has a lot of high points and fun rides around the park. You're always greeted with a smile and sometimes you're even lucky enough to get on ten rides on your visit. The downside about Disney is the fact that it's always crowded and the lines range from 2 to 4 hours long. However they do have something called a fast pass which enables you to go into a whole different line for a ride which cuts the waiting time in half.

Disney also has a great atmosphere for kids and adults alike. The best time to go would probably be on a weekday in the months of January, Feb., March, and April.

4. China Town

LA's own China Town is a great place to go. Sure LA's streets are packed but this place is great if your interested in the Chinese culture, not to mention they have some pretty good food. Definitely the best place to get tea if you like it, or even there sweets. Not to mention if your a fan of anime this would be the place to go to get anything that you desire in that category. Not only just that though, they have some pretty good weapon shops too if you're a collector.

3. Catalina Island

This is an island I've heard of but never went to, however I do know it's a very popular spot down here. The sites are said to be beautiful and some even say its quite peaceful.

2. Knott's Berry Farm

I realize my opinion might be a little bias on this one but I believe this theme park is a great place to take your kids. Especially the children that love that whole cowboy and indian thing. It's a family friendly place and the only time I ever complained about it was when I worked there.

Knott's has a bunch of theme, taking you from going back to the days of the Wild West as soon as you enter the park to Camp Snoopy, Boardwalk, Wild Water Wilderness or Fiesta Village depending on which way you go.

Knott's has rides for the Thrill seekers, the kids and the roller coaster lovers.

1. San Diego Zoo

This is a must for most of the people that travel here. Other then hearing people say they are going to Disneyland the other place I hear about most is the San Diego Zoo and why not? Who doesn't love seeing all kinds of animals, not to mention this has to be one of the best Zoo's in the country.

Kids and adults alike can develop a mutual love for this place. I think it's a great place to say I felt like a kid again at.


That's the list, if you think anything was left out or should have been at a different number don't be afraid to comment about it.


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    • profile image

      Mary from Corona 5 years ago

      I remember the hypnotism, I also had horses. I skydived after Corona,

      in Nevada. I remember you talking about skydiving. Would love to reminisce with an old friend. Email?

    • profile image

      ken fayad 5 years ago

      had find memories in coron..had 4 horses-dirt bike-flew ultra lites,sky diving,pool shooting,wood sculpting,street crusier over 200,000 miles,hypnotist,softball playing,closeup magic,off road races in mexico,dune buggys,quads.marlin fishing. lucky to still play softball and ride street motorcycle at age 77-hard to beat srh cal.

    • profile image

      Mary from Corona, California 5 years ago

      Actually, I'm trying to locate an old, dear friend named

      Kenny Fayad. I knew him in Corona, California so long ago.

      I wonder if the above post could be from him? If so,

      my email is

    • profile image

      Tatiana Fayad 5 years ago

      Hi Dad! You sure have come along way in the world of technology. Wow an online blog and texting on a cell phone. Lol what's next? One mistake in your blog, you put Weatern Pa instead of Aliquippa Pa.

    • profile image

      ken fayad 6 years ago

      from weatern pa. been in cal. for 54 years-cal. is literally a playground. you can drive to the weather you wish.snow ski on sat. and sun bathe on the beach on sunday. within fours of you can partake of any activity you can think of-this includes las vegas-3 hrs.the redwoos,yosimite,sandiego the theatres,movie studios,motorcycling,flying fishing,senoir sofball year round,dune buggies,dirt bikes,ultra lite ,skydiving,scuba diving-too many to list as stated above you can find anything you can think of.

    • profile image

      Cheksey 7 years ago

      You are not up on the west coast BUB!

    • profile image

      ehhh 7 years ago

      everything on this list is in the wrong order Disneyland is last and knotts is second? What?

    • profile image

      nathan 8 years ago

      good hu b

    • gss profile image

      gss 9 years ago from Florida

      Been to California a few times some years ago... it may be time to go back soon. Very nice hub. Thanks.

    • commentonthis7 profile image

      commentonthis7 9 years ago

      Never been there but sounds like a fun place to go

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      As a Southern California native I have to say these are all great, but you should all make a trip to the San Bernardino Mountains or other ranges. Riding the tram from Palm Springs up to the mountains in Idlywild is also fun. People are always surprised to learn is snows in Southern California, well it does in the mountains anyway :). Good hub.

    • profile image

      SirDent 9 years ago

      Great hub describing good spots to vacation or visit. I have never been that far west and may never go there, but I can always dream about these places.