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Top Fort Myers, Florida Attractions

Updated on March 16, 2013

Located in southwest Florida where the Caloosahatchee River empties into the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Myers offers fascinating wildlife, water sports, museums, historical and cultural sites and, of course, beautiful beaches.


See the Manatees

The Fort Myers area is known for its abundance of manatees, the chubby, delightful marine creatures sometimes called sea cows. Visitors can visit Fort Myers' Manatee Park, a non-captive refuge for Florida's Manatees. The best time for viewing manatees is between the months of November and March. There is also a butterfly park on the premises.

Alternatively, join one of several manatee tours in the area and cruise along the waterways searching for a glimpse of manatees and enjoying the South Florida landscape.


Back in the day, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were such good buds that they had neighboring winter homes in Fort Myers . Today guests can tour the Edison-Ford Estates and see the beautiful gardens – featuring one of the country's largest banyan trees - and décor as well as Henry Ford's classic cars and Edison's vacation laboratory.

Edison -Ford Winter Estates

Fort Myers Museums

The Imaginarium Hands-On Museum offers a variety of interactive exhibits where kids can take part in activities like building, exploring weather, playing electronic soccer, and digging for dinosaurs as well as animal focused exhibits like touch tanks where kids can reach in and stroke a sting ray as it glides past. My kids got to pet a mini-crocodile here - definitely a highlight of our trip!

The Southwest Florida Museum of History delves into the area's past, from the days of the dinosaurs through the time when the Seminole tribe ruled the land, on to the arrival of Spanish conquistadors and up to the transportation of the 20th century.

Fort Myers Area Beaches

The water beckons most visitors to the Fort Myers area, and there are several beaches where it can be enjoyed. Fort Myers Beach is a lively beach filled with everyone from families to singles and retirees. If beachgoers finds themselves hungry or in need of a cool drink, they need merely walk over to the roads leading up to the beach, which are lined with restaurants, bars and souvenir shops.

If you or your kids or grandkids want to collect seashells, you can find them by the bucketful on the beaches of Sanibel Island. These beaches are ideal for those who prefer a quieter beach experience.


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    • Jason Matthews profile image

      Jason Matthews 

      4 years ago from North Carolina

      Beautiful hub with great pictures. Thanks for sharing!


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