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Top Luxury Hotels in El Salvador

Updated on May 16, 2012

El Salvador is located in Central America just near Honduras and Guatemala. It is one of the few destinations that have not been run over by the tourist crowd. It is one of the hidden gems left in world with amazing beaches, hotels, eco tours and of course friendliest people. There are many things to do and see there but to go you will need a place to stay so lets look at some of the wonderful accommodations an el Salvador vacation would allow you

If you are for luxury then the best city to stay in El Salvador is the Capitol San Salvador. Most people when they think of luxury in most countries think very ritzy and inlaid with gold. Out of reach for most pocketbooks but that is not so in El Salvador the hotels here offer a wide variety of accommodations that are very reasonable prices.

Most of the 5 star and 4 star hotels in san Salvador offer you everything that you need from massages to swimming pools. There are others available around the country as well if you are looking for 4 or 5 star resorts in the country or in the western part of the country. We will start with some of the best hotels in El Salvador

San Salvador Hotel Average Room Price

Hilton Princess San Salvador $ 71- 90

Sheraton Presidente San Salvador Hotel $ 199-388

Hotel & Casino Siesta $ 59-80

Radisson Plaza Hotel $ 169-498

I have stayed personally at these above hotels some were a little more than others but they offer their own unique accommodations and I will stay at all of them again.

Radisson Plaza Hotel
Radisson Plaza Hotel
Hilton Princess
Hilton Princess
Sheraton Presidente San Salvador Hotel
Sheraton Presidente San Salvador Hotel

All of these hotels in el Salvador offer the amenities and comforts I was looking for in a much needed vacation. All of them exceeded my expectations in the course of my stay here they offer you excellent service and treat you like a king when you step into their doors.

The Hilton is one of the finest hotels in the area of Zona Rosa with many things to see and a night life that is unmatched anywhere else in El Salvador. Since they are centrally located they are a great place to have a home base when you are off to see the historical and tourist attractions that El Salvador has to offer.

Sheraton Presidente San Salvador Hotel is also a wonderful hotel near the heart of San Salvador. It is near some of the largest shopping center in all of Central America. It offers a unique perspective on how American cultural phenomenon affects different countries as well as a wonderful spot to see some of the great entertainment that the malls have to offer.

Hotel & Casino Siesta is by far my favorite hotel maybe because I won a pretty good chuck of change in there casino after losing most of it. But, it was worth it they have a fountain swimming pool, free wireless access in all the rooms, clean sheets and even wonderful room service.

These are just a small handful and ones that I can personally vouch for due to personal experience but there are many other wonderful hotels. There are rustic ranches in the mountains for eco adventurers as well as cabana hotels near the beach that are absolutely wonderful and will make your stay that much more pleasant. You will find one that will accommodate all of your needs.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a hotel

· Most of the Hotels offer a free breakfast when you stay with them not just a continental breakfast. So you can save some money by eating at some of the hotels great restaurants.

· Make sure that when you check in that you see if there are any additional hidden fees for the services that they offer. You don’t want any unexpected charges on your bill come check out time.

· Depending on why you are visiting El Salvador whether it’s to surf at the beach take eco tours in the mountains or see family. Check to ensure that the hotel you choose is within the area or close to the area you plan on being. No matter how wonderful the hotel taking a 45 min drive to your destination every day is no fun.

· When you book your reservation online or over the phone many of the hotels will offer a shuttle service. So make sure that if you need a ride from the airport you mention this to the reservationist. It is better to be picked up at the airport instead of asking a shady cabbie to drive you.

· Also make sure you look at all the reviews of the hotel and look at the pictures that they provide but also check the ones others have uploaded that have not been staged to get a feel for the area you will be in. It is better to be safe and feel safe then not.

There are many options for hotels in El Salvador for anyone’s budget but these are the best luxury hotels in San Salvador and surrounding areas. But if you are looking for hotels on a budget stay tuned I will be creating other hubs to explore these other options for travelers.


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