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Top Nashville Honkytonks- Top Places to Visit in Nashville

Updated on April 28, 2016

Seek out Nashville Honkytonks

Nashville Honkytonks are quite popular in Music City. There are plenty of people who look for the best places to see when in the Nashville area. You come to Nashville to see new and old acts of country music and when you want to see something new, you definitely want to check out these places as the artists know of all these places to visit when in the area.

Top Place Number 1

The Stage is a fairly new place to the Nashville Honkytonks area and is on the lower Broadway area of the city. There is plenty of space for seating and if you want to make sure you get a good seat while here, check out the best seating in the house in the balcony. You can see up close of all the people on the stage no matter where you sit.

Top Place Number 2

Tootie's Orchid Lounge

The lounge is one of the most popular places to visit on Broadway. There is so much that you can do when at Tootsie's. The lounge is very well known not only for the people who you can run into when visiting the lounge but for the food it serves. This place is quite magical and a number of stars will duck in and out very quickly. When most stars are done performing at the Ryman downtown, they typically will come here afterwards. The Ryman is located behind Tootsie's.

Tour the Ryman- Top Place Number 3

The Ryman is one of the most common and famous places in Nashville. It first opened back in the 1800's and is home to the greatest show in Nashville. The Ryman was designated as being one of the National Historic Landmarks of Nashville and the surrounding areas. It is also listed as being one of the National Historic Places that are inside of the US.

When in town, this Nashville Honkytonk is quite common to visit. The tickets are sold on a first come and first serve basis. Some of the concerts will sell out rather quickly while others will not. You can also catch a number of non-country music performances here as well.

Top Place Number 4- Wildhorse Saloon

This bar and tavern is located right off from Broadway and the Second Ave junction. You will want to show up wearing your favorite pair of boots and be ready to boogy while checking out this Nashville Honkytonk. You can see line dancing at any time when visiting this bar. You can see the house band perform or a surprise performance. There is no telling who you will see when you are visiting the Wildhorse as a number of country music performers as well as actors and actresses will visit this location when they are not filming, performing and so on.

The Bluebird Cafe

The Bluebird Café opened up in the early 80's and is one of the best places to see when in Nashville. The home is open to a number of original music performers who will stay and play seven nights a week. The intimate setting is what most people like about this venue. You could be among one of the first people to hear the performers who perform here. You will feel like you are at church while sitting on a church pew. Come take it in while visiting and you will be sure glad that you visited the Bluebird Café while in Nashville


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