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Adventure Destinations to Visit in the Philippines

Updated on September 20, 2017

Make a stop in the Philippines

Adventure-seekers are always on the lookout for new places and adventures. Eco-Tourism and adventure destinations are quite popular these days among the young and the fearless. They offer packages and activities that make for a one-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget.

These activities may not appeal to many but for those seeking the heart-stopping and adrenaline pumping fix make sure to check them out and find out for yourself. Test your surfing skills in the the world-renowned Siargao Island, or you could try rapelling thtough the mountain side at Danao, Bohol.

Danao Adventure Park in Bohol

The Danao Adventure Park is located in thee municipality of Danao, an hour's worth of ride from the capital of Bohol. Bohol is an island province in the Philippines located in the central part of Visayas and about 45 minutes plain ride from Manila. Bohol may be reached by boat through the various shipping lines plying the route.

Danao Adventure Park offers extreme adventure packages not for the faint-hearted which includes the following activities:

  • River trekking
  • Tyrolean traverse
  • Rappeling
  • Suislide
  • Bouldering, and
  • Rock climbing

For the not-so adventurous other less physically exacting tours are likewise available, all of which showcase the local culture and natural beauty of the area. For your next adventure tour, give Danao a try.

There are other options that the island of Bohol offers through its beautiful beaches and breath-taking natural sceneries more than enough to satisfy your wandering spirit.

Camarines Sur

Did you know that CamSur, short for Camarines Sur is home to the world's smallest commercial fish, Mistichis Luzonenses? It now adds another feather to its cap by bagging the title as the Philippines' top tourist destination with a record 902, 202 tourist arrivals in the first half of 2009 alone based on the data from the Department of Tourism.

Thanks to the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) nested at Caramoan and Gota Village Resort, the province' top tourist attractions. The CWC is home to wakeboarding, waterskiing and other watersports easily making it a favorite among watersports aficionados, both local and international. International wakeboarding competitions are regularly held in the complex as it continues to draw watersports aficionados all year round. The CamSur Marathon 2010 was held in this top site last September drawing participants from all over the world.

The Gota Village Resort, which showcases an eco-tourism destination is included as one of the 14 best tourism destinations by Top Resa 2008 in Paris. Top Resa is one of the biggest travel and tourism forums in Europe.

Cam Sur (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex)

Night Wakeboarding at CamSur
Night Wakeboarding at CamSur | Source

Spelunking in Palawan

Palawan is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and diving sanctuaries but for those who search for a different kind of activity, spelunking or cave exploration offers a totally different. Palawan is famous for its mesmerizing underground caves with unique structure formations and cool underground rivers. Prepare to be treated to an adventure that will take you to the bowels of the earth and leave you in awe of nature's processes which took millions of years to form.

Palawan is about an hour's flight away from the capital of the Philippines. Make sure to load on sun tan lotion and beach wear and don't forget to bring your cameras to 'freeze' the wonderful moment you spent on this paradise island.

Palawan's Underground caves and rivers

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Palawan Underground Cave (image requires attribution)Rock formations in PalawanUnderground River, Palawan
Palawan Underground Cave (image requires attribution)
Palawan Underground Cave (image requires attribution) | Source
Rock formations in Palawan
Rock formations in Palawan | Source
Underground River, Palawan
Underground River, Palawan | Source

Siargao Island

Siargao is a small island, facing the Pacific ocean off the tip of Surigao del Norte province in MIndanao, Philippines. It's location allows it to enjoy the Pacific unhampered winds and current making it famous for its giants waves, a combination perfect for surfing. Great surfing conditions are during the 'habagat' or southwest monsoon seasons from August to November. This makes Siargao a haven even for international surfers.

Siargao Island may be reached directly through a flight from Cebu City airport. Book you flights now!

Ride Giant Waves in Siargao, the Surfing Capital

Famous Siargao waves
Famous Siargao waves | Source

Boracay Diving

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Photo by besighyawn
Photo by besighyawn
Photo by besighyawn | Source

Boracay Dive

Boracay is known for its white and powdery sand beaches. It also boasts of diving reefs that await anyone who prefers the serene and quite undersea world. Known Boracay diving sites include Angol point, Balinghai, Bat Cave, Beach Night Dive, Camia, Channel Drift, Coral Garden, Crocodile Island, Laguna de Boracay among others. (Source:

Book the next flight to Boracay through any of the local airlines which provide daily trips to the island.

Mayon Volcano in Legaspi City

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Mayon Volcano from afar (image requires attribution)Mayon Volcano, Albay (image requires attribution)Mayon Volcano at Night with pyroclastic flow (image requires attribution)Cagsawa Church, Albay (image requires attribution)
Mayon Volcano from afar (image requires attribution)
Mayon Volcano from afar (image requires attribution) | Source
Mayon Volcano, Albay (image requires attribution)
Mayon Volcano, Albay (image requires attribution) | Source
Mayon Volcano at Night with pyroclastic flow (image requires attribution)
Mayon Volcano at Night with pyroclastic flow (image requires attribution) | Source
Cagsawa Church, Albay (image requires attribution)
Cagsawa Church, Albay (image requires attribution) | Source


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    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 5 years ago from Philippines

      Hi there! Thanks for reading. The Philippines is indeed poised and is aggressively promoting its tourist destinations.

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      kashmir-ladakh 5 years ago from usa

      what a country it provides such diverse entertainments and pleasure of traveling for many people. It is booming to become a famous holiday spot in Asia.