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Top Places to See in Amsterdam

Updated on October 3, 2013

Amsterdam is the most populated capital city of the Netherlands. Amsterdam's name originates from Amstelredamme, suggestive of the city's origin: a dam in the river Amstel. It originated as a petite fishing village in the late 12th century. Amsterdam developed into one of the most vital ports in the world through the Dutch Golden Age, an outcome of its pioneering advancements in trade. On the UNESCO World Heritage List are the canal of Amsterdam and Defence Line of Amsterdam. De Wallen is a labelled area for legitimate prostitution and is Amsterdam's biggest and most renowned red-light district. This region has become a prominent attraction for tourists. It comprises of a web of roads and alleyways comprising a number of tiny, one-room apartments hired by sex workers who offer their services from behind a window or glass door, normally lit with red lights.

Amsterdam is a distinctive city. Its life remained genuine in spite of the presence of tourists. Take a walk down the canal streets or relax at one of many cafes of Amsterdam. These are some places you shouldn’t omit seeing at any cost while here.

Amsterdam Canal Ring

Canal rings form the city old centre. This gives you a sensation of liberty, harmony and space. The best way to witness these canal is either hiring a boat or alighting one of the tourist cruises. You can always explore Amsterdam by bicycling your way through.

The National Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is a charming place to visit. There is a 17 century sail ship at its pier. Also, there are many contemporary multimedia sights and varied collection of historical maps, paintings and notable ship models. Grasping the past of this city becomes easy once you take a trip to this museum.


The biggest museum in the country, it has a footfall of greater than one million tourists yearly. The Masterpieces displays the most well-known of 17 century Dutch art. Varied characteristics of Dutch national personality is depicted in the works of Hals, Vermeer and Rembrandt. The museum treasury, old Delftware and lovely doll houses are others attractions at the museum.

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh in all his tempers is depicted in 550 sketches and 200 paintings at this museum. This is the largest collection of such pieces in the world. There are also many letters written by Van Gogh along with certain works by his friends.

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A slight, curved pathway leads to this pleasant garden. It is surrounded by ancient houses. It is right in the middle of town. Old ladies have been substituted for celibate Beguine nuns. The first dwelling in Amsterdam is No.34.

Oude Kerk

In the middle of the Red Light District is this serene protestant church. It is encircled by petite dwellings. There is a Gothic-renaissance style octagonal bell tower that was used by sailors to get their bearings. A stroll in the nightlife area surrounding the church is fascinating.

Amsterdam Brown Café

After a hectic day of traversing the town, delight in a modest meal or beer or coffee at one of Amsterdam’s old cafes known as brown. The ambience is distinctive, people are well-known to be amiable and prices on the lower side. A majority of the crowd here are locals. You too can feel like one of them over here.

Magere Brug

Joining the banks of Amstel River is this old double-leaf Dutch drawbridge. The bridge master lets the boats pass at an interval of 20 minutes as the bridge opens. It was built in 1670. Revel in the charm of this place.

Museum Amstelkring

This museum is housed in a refurbished 17 century canal house with two smaller houses to the back. It is situated on the brink of the Red Light District. In 1888 the lower floors became a museum. Today, they house renovated rooms, as also paintings, religious artefacts and church silver.

Anne Frank House

In the middle of Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House. It is here that Anne Frank wrote her renowned diary through World War II. Only a small number of vacant rooms in the unseen annex will leave an impressive imprint if you understand that two families dwelled in here for over two years sheltering from the Nazis. The novel diary is there for the visitors to see among the Anne Frank House’s exhibit.

Civic Guards Gallery

This gallery is stacked with old paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. The group portraits of the citizens of Amsterdam are a wonderful essay of the Dutch civilization and culture centuries ago.

To currently popular attractions as Heineken Experience, Madame Tussauds and The Amsterdam Dungeon, new destinations like Ajax Experience, House of Bols Genever Experience, Reypenaer Cheese tasting Room, Xtra Cold Ice Bar and Tun Fun indoor playground for kids were just recently included.


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