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Top Romantic Places to Go in Moscow, Russia

Updated on February 24, 2016

Romantic Places in Moscow: gifts, flowers and love.

Nearly 20 years after the end of the communist USSR, Russia is one of the most fascinating travel destinations there is. Moscow is a world capital with its own mixture of old and contemporary Russia, and a bountiful helping of urban sensibility. If Moscow isn’t on your list of places to visit, it should be. In fact, the rich past of the city, paired with its new status as a top destination makes Moscow one of the most captivating and romantic places in the world. Here are a few of the top romantic destinations in Moscow.

Tsaritsino is a sprawling estate and park near the Tsaritsino metro station in Moscow. Though its history goes back to the 16th
Century, it was in 1775 that Catherine the Great bought the estate and named it. She had famous architect Vasili Bazhenov construct a new
Palace, which he worked on for the better part of a decade, until she ordered it to be torn down, for reasons that remain
Unclear. From then until 1797 another architect worked on the palace, though construction was abruptly stopped in 1797 when
Catherine died. Several structures remained unfinished, though some have recently been completed. It is perhaps the largest example
of 1700s pseudo-Gothic architecture in Russia. The park around the palace has artificial grottos,
Decorative bridges, arbors and other structures. It is an amazing place to visit, one that you and your mate will never forget.

The GUM Department Store occupies most of the eastern end of Red Square, directly facing Lenin’s tomb. It was constructed
From 1890 to 1893 and features an impressive composite of steel framework and glass skylight and Russian medieval ecclesiastical
Style. At three stories tall, it is the biggest shopping mall in Moscow. The interior features three arcades centered
on a fountain, with light beaming in through the glass roof. GUM has been characterized as Harrods, Bergdorf, Saks, and
Bloomingdale’s all in one place, and is the perfect place to walk hand in hand with your sweetheart. Find flowers you can here: personalized gifts and flowers

Cafe Pushkin looks like it has been around forever, but in fact, it was built less than a decade ago. It is open 24/7 and has
Been called Russia’s take on the French cafe. While the decor is elegant, with each floor sumptuously done up in its own
Style, casual dress is perfectly fine.
The Cafe Pushkin is near the Pushkinskaya metro rail station. Most of the staff speak English, and the food is done to a turn. If you go after
Everything else is closed, you’ll enjoy the sight of all the brightly lit signs and the floodlit buildings that adorn the city.

If you and your mate have a special occasion to celebrate, the Sky Lounge is perfect. Located on the 22nd floor of the Russian Academy of Sciences building, the Sky Lounge has some of themost spectacular views of the city. The food leans Mediterranean, and the music is selected to be downtempo. The Sky Lounge is expensive, but unforgettable. To get there go to the Leninsky Prospekt train
Station, then head toward the tall, orange-roofed buildings.

Moscow in the 21st century is sophisticated, smart, and urban, a sparkling city with as much to offer as
London or Tokyo, with the added piquancy of having had such a complex history.



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