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Top Ten Destination Spots in Kansas

Updated on October 11, 2015

10. Sumner Elementary School/Monroe Elementary

Located in Topeka Kansas, The Sumner Elementary School was involved in the Brown Vs. Board of Education Trial held in 1954.

Previously attending all black Monroe Elementary School, Linda Brown's attempt to enroll in the all white Sumner Elementary School .

The rejection by the Topeka Board of Education triggered a trial which played a pivotal role in The Civil Rights Movement.

The Separate but Equal doctrine was struck down and all schools were desegregated. This school is a Historical National Landmark.

Monroe Elementary School

Monroe Elementary School. One of four all black schools in Topeka
Monroe Elementary School. One of four all black schools in Topeka | Source

9. Riggs Arboretum

Located in Waterloo, Kansas, The Riggs Arboretum is full of exotic trees and houses four of the tallest trees in the state. More than 60 variety of trees which are from many different parts of the world.

There are trees at Riggs Arboretum that are some of the first of its kind in the whole nation.

Riggs is the home to the tallest tree in the state at 110 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

Riggs Arboretum is become a popular attraction of places to visit in Kansas.

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8. Monument Rocks

Carved by a sea about 80 million years ago, Monument Rocks are known to be full of fossils and house unique formations of Niobrara found on the Missouri River.

After a storm, fossils and even shark teeth are found after erosion of the sandstone formations.

These formations reach up to 70 feet in height. These sandstone formations are called Chalk Pyramids and Many of these fossils can be seen at the Sternberg Museum.

This unique site has been selected as one of the Eight Wonder of Kansas.

Eye of the Needle at Monument Rocks

Monument Rocks
Monument Rocks | Source

7. Elk City Reservoir, State Park, and Wildlife Area

Elk City Reservoir, State Park and Wild Life Area is best known for its diverse trail systems.This area has it all; six hiking trails, a camping area called, Timber Road Campground which is close to a trail that leads you great views of the lake.

Eagle Mountain Biking Trail is a great place to bike on; it is four miles long along the Elk River. Fishing is a popular sport at Elk City Reservoir and offers different species of fish. Some species of fish include; white bass, crappie, catfish, large mouth bass and saugeye.

The Elk City Reservoir, State Park and Wildlife Area houses many campsites that offer electric hookups and other accommodations such as; restrooms with showers, fishing piers and a playground station for the kids.

This beautiful area is a popular place for bird watchers and photographers to visit. The peak times for bird watching is from Springtime until late Fall.

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Elk City Bridge

Elk City Bridge
Elk City Bridge | Source

6. Botanica Wichita Gardens

Open in 1987, Botanica is a beautiful place to visit. It houses seven different gardens; one being a butterfly garden.

Recently they opened a Chinese garden and are hosting an event to celebrate it. Tuesday on the Terrace is another event hosted by Botanica.

"Tuesday on the Terrace" is every Tuesday and has music and happy hour along with a walk through the beautiful gardens.

Botanica Wichita Gardens has almost thirty themed gardens and exhibits.

Botanica Wichita Gardens

Bench at Botanica

Botanica | Source

5. Lindsborg

Also known as Little Sweden, Lindsborg, Kansas is known for its association of Swedish people.

Because of this a lot of Lindsborg has Swedish motif which gives it a real ethnic atmosphere. Lindsborg houses a Swedish pavilion as well. There is also shopping, food and entertainment.

Coronado Heights is close to Lindsborg which is a castle like structure that overlooks the area. Coronado Heights offers picnic tables, grills and a fireplace.

Coronado Heights

Coronado Heights
Coronado Heights | Source

4. Ancient Trees of the Cross Timbers Trail

Covered in prairies and woodland, The Ancient Trees of the Cross Timber Trail is full of nature and wildlife. There are many species of trees which include; old oak trees and cedars.

Toronto Lake is close by and the trails that are located in this breathtaking area are perfect for overlooking all the beautiful scenery.

The wildlife in Cross Timbers State Park is abundant. Antelope, bobcat and buffalo are just a few animals that live on this land. Watch out for bears! They are also residents of the area.

Ancient Trees of the Cross Timbers Trail also offer campsites and cabins.

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3. Clinton Lake

Clinton Lake is a great place to spend the day. Between fishing, boating and water sports, you are bound to have a great time.

The wild life at Lake Clinton is full off all kinds of birds and other animals. Some of this wild life includes; bald eagles, wild turkey, deer, pelicans and geese.

Around the lake are also areas for biking, camping and hiking.

The Clinton Lake Museum is close by and is located in an old milk shed. Restrooms, picnic shelters and barbecue grills are available at this beautiful lake as well as horseshoe pits and a volleyball court.

Sunset over Clinton Lake

2. Tuttle Creek Reservoir, State Park, and Wildlife Area

Located on the Blue River, this area is a great place to camp out and do some fishing. With many trails, a beach and camping sites, there won’t be a shortage on things to do.

There is a local myth in the area that manatee lives in the Tuttle Creek Reservoir. Fishing is a popular pastime at the Tuttle Creek Reservoir and crappies are the most popular catch.

The Tuttle Creek Reservoir, State Park and Wild Life Area offers numerous trails which have become a popular "to do" in this beautiful area and fishing is available all year round.

There are also hunting opportunities.

Don’t forget to visit for the Country Stampede Music Festival that is hosted at this location every summer.

Tuttle Creek Lake

1. Great Wolf Lodge.

Most of the places on this list are nature oriented, but this is different. Great Wolf Lodge offers fun and entertainment for the whole family.

This lodge houses a water park that includes eight water slides, three tube slides and smaller slides for the kids. Lifeguards are there to make sure that everyone stays safe. There is also an arcade on location that includes all kinds of games.

A popular game for both kids and adults is magiQuest which is a live interaction game and sends you around the lodge to play.

If you are feeling hungry you can get some snacks at the snack shop or check out the Bear Paw Café for come coffee and chocolate. Great Wolf Lodge also offers a buffet with beautiful covered booths.

There is an area that is geared more for kids but adults will have fun too. This activity area offers education, arts and crafts.

Great Wolf Lodge also offers theme based suites that offer plenty of room for the whole family. Adult spas and kid spas are also available.

There are many things to do outside of the lodge in the area as well.

Great Wolf Lodge, Kansas

A road map to get you around Kansas

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A markerSumner Elementary -
Sumner Elementary School, Topeka, KS 66606, USA
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B markerMonument Rocks -
Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark, Lewis, KS 67738, USA
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C markerElk City Reservoir -
Elk City Lake, Kansas, USA
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D markerBotanica -
Botanica, 701 Amidon Street, Wichita, KS 67203, USA
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E markerLindsborg -
Lindsborg, KS 67456, USA
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F markerClinton Lake -
Clinton Lake, Kansas, USA
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G markerTuttle Creek Reservoir -
Tuttle Creek Lake, Kansas, USA
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H markerKansas Speedway -
Speedway Boulevard, Kansas City, KS, USA
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I markerWichita -
Wichita, KS, USA
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