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Most Haunted Places In The California State Capital

Updated on June 22, 2017

The State Capitals Most Haunted Destinations

The California State Capital of Sacramento has a very detailed and historic background, rich in gold mining and Asian immigrants that settled there during the 1850s. With this vast history being the case Sacramento also has a large amount of paranormal activity, and if Ghost hunting sounds like something that you like to do check out these ten haunting locations around the State Capital.

10: Sacramento's Underground Tunnel City

The State Capital was developed around the American River, which flows through the city and out to the San Francisco Bay. Chinese settlers arrived around the mid-1800s,, leaving a hierarchy and coming to America where free trade and democracy was the way of the land. The Chinese in Sacramento built most of Old Sacramento, because the Chinese settlers would work in teams mining the tunnels throughout the city. All under the downtown area of Sacramento are haunted mining tunnels, where residents have seen illusions of the Chinese immigrants working, or you will hear sounds of the workers late into the night.

The Federal Court House at 501 I St was built upon these old mining tunnels, and in fact there is a Chinese history museum in the lobby of the building to collaborate this fact.

Walking along the train tracks late at night by the Amtrak Station on 401 I St, there has also been sightings of deceased Chinese miners, as well as the haunting sounds of them working in the tunnels. The underground tunnel city of Sacramento is extremely haunting, and a fascinating part of the history surrounding the State Capital.

9: The Ghost at the old California State Library

The California State Library located on N St in Sacramento has long been known to have paranormal activity. The library which was constructed in 1850 was built atop the same underground tunnel system that runs throughout Sacramento, which can contribute to the multiple ghost sightings that has happened here.

There have been multiple accounts of different spirits showing up, depending on the time of day. Early in the morning patrons have seen the spirit of an elderly man with glasses walking the isles, skimming through the books as if he works there. He is thought to have been the original librarian who worked there from 1870 to 1882, and ultimately passed away in 1917.

It has been said that footsteps can be heard down the hall ways late at night and early in the morning. There has also been speculation that books can be seen falling off of the shelves when no one is around, fueling even more thoughts of paranormal activity. Indeed if paranormal activity is what you are after, the California State Library is one hauntingly good destination that should be on everyone's list.

8: Sutter's Fort State Historic Park

Looking for a unique and historical place to find paranormal activity in the state capital? Look no further then Sutter's Fort. This landmark was originally built in 1839 by John Sutter, with the original purpose being a Trade Colony for the Alta California province.[LINK 5] The fort is rather unique, being a 19th century building that is still standing in the middle of a modern city. Sutter's Fort is surrounded by sky scrapers and modern homes in midtown Sacramento, right in the heart of the state capital.

There have been multiple reports of paranormal activity here for years, there has said to be the spirits of John Sutter's workers, walking throughout the fort and into the gardens where they would have been employed during the late 1800s. There was also a recent ghost investigation done on the fort by famed paranormal investigator Paul Dale Roberts, which resulted in some very interesting findings, including objects being deliberately moved and a terrifying feeling of death of despair from the spirits.

The historic Sutter's Fort should not be left off of anyone’s paranormal hunt, the abundance of history and spirits alone make this a truly interesting destination. Sure it might not be a haunted house, but it is a very haunting piece of California's early development.

7: Paradise Beach

The California State Capital has its fair share of haunting locations to visit, but one of the downright spookiest has got to be Paradise Beach. What seems like a quiet secluded beach in the daytime, quickly turns to a pitch black and very scary scene at night time. There are no set hours for this beach, instead a hauntingly old sign reads open from sunrise to sunset. The beach was known as a nudist beach in the 60s, and there is apparently a ghost that can been seen and heard of a man walking along the embankment whom downed.

There was also a homicide that took place more recently in 2016, where a man was found murdered along the beach. The man was found with several gunshot wounds, and the homicide still has not been solved. [LINK 8] With the beach being as dark as it is there is no limit to the negative energy that is situated at this creepy beach. Paradise Beach has been featured on quite a few Ghost hunting lists, and when you see this place in person at night you will know why.

Paradise Beach is just about as scary as being in a Freddy Kruger horror movie, and with the history of drowning and death it’s easy to be scared to venture here at night. Who would have known that the California State Capital of Sacramento could have such a scary place? Right near downtown too!

6: Delta King Riverboat Hotel

What is more fascinating then a haunted river boat hotel? If you answered nothing you are correct. One of the most unique attractions in the California State Capital is the Delta King Riverboat hotel, which also just happens to be haunted. What spirits are exactly haunting this vessel? Well, the most common spirit is said to be that of the captain, whom can be seen late at night walking the decks as if he is still alive.

The most common occurrence seems to be the ghost of a little girl who can be heard laughing and walking the corridors of the ship, it would also appear that this apparition can only be seen by male passengers. There have also been reports of the temperatures in certain rooms turning dropping dramatically, as well as wet foot prints appearing on the boat deck with no one close by.

One of the more unique aspects of the Delta King happens every Saturday night, where a murder mystery dinner is hosted for guests of the ship. Patrons of the unique weekly dinner have been said to hear voices coming from the theatre of the boat, but that they seem to be friendlier spirits. While this is no titanic experience, the Delta King is quite the haunted piece of history to visit.

5: Puente House

Perhaps one of the most notorious locations in the California state capital is going to be the Puente House, which is located on 1426 F St. This was the infamous boarding home where serial killer Dorothea Puente murdered her boarding home residents and then buried them in the backyard, while collecting the social security check, the victims being discovered in 1982.

The home has been said to have not only the spirits of the murder victims, but also the murderer herself is thought to come around every once and a while. Residents recall smelling a strong perfume late into the night, similar to what an old woman would wear. Residents also report seeing light orbs, and hearing what sounds like shuffling in the bed room.

There are yearly tours given of the home by the new owners, seven bodies were found in the backyard, and a total of nine victims were killed. Today the home appears to be a modern day downtown home, in one of the State Capitals most affluent areas to live. Who knows, maybe there are more human remains hidden somewhere in this real life haunted house!

4: Sacramento City Cemetery

Naturally a cemetery might seem like the quintessential first spot to go to find paranormal activity, and the Sacramento City Cemetery is no different. This cemetery is home to many old spirits, including the grave site of John A. Sutter Jr. and many notable California Governors. The Sacramento City Cemetery which was erected during the gold rush days, is one of the most notable pieces of land in the State Capital

The most common apparition that happens at this cemetery is that of a black pit bull which has been said to follow visitors around and then vanish.

There has also been an apparition of a fire fighter, he will stand at the entrance gate trying to find information about his family. Perhaps the most well know apparition is that of May Woolsey, she was a child whom resided in Sacramento with her mother and father. May became ill with Encephalitis, which was quite common back in those days and she passed away around the age of thirteen.

Visitors will be taken aback by the sheer beautiful of the cemetery, from the planted rose’s bushes to the extremely detailed head stones that surround the land. On the hunt for something supernatural? Look no further than the scariest cemetery in the state capital.

3: Iceland Ice Skating Rink

Yes, you have read this title right an ice skating rink is on the list of haunted destinations. What makes Iceland Ice Skating Rink so special? Well, the rink has been a fixture on Del Paso Blvd since 1940, and in that time frame the owner actually passed away from old age. The innocent looking ice skating rink actually has a very angry spirit of the old owner, depending on what you do.

The owner “Pops” Kerth is said to frequent the establishment in spirit, especially after the building was badly burnt in 2010 from an arson. The building has since been rebuilt, with the center being utilized as an outdoor skating rink. The spirit of pops is said to make his rounds every morning at 4am, walking the rink to make sure that every detail is kept up.

He was known for treating the ice rink as if it was his pride and joy, making it only natural for his spirit to linger from the afterlife. There have been reports that "pops" will lash out at vandals, and area physics have said that they feel an intense evil afoot. The ice rink is open daily, and this is a must visit for those seeking a paranormal experience.

2: The Martinez House

Perhaps one of the most haunting looking mansions to be seen, the Martinez House is well known by paranormal investigators and residents alike. Take a step up the tall front porch and you are greeted by a lion’s head staring right at you, immediately upon stepping within the vicinity of the Martinez House you can feel an intimidating spirit. The story behind the Martinez House is that Dr. Aden Hart had the home custom built for his family, after time it was said that he started to lose his mind and killed his wife and children.

The spirit is said to be so strong in the home that the next family to purchase the home in 1973 left soon after as well. Lillian Martinez had quite a few paranormal experiences at this home, including struggles in the kitchen where it is believed that Dr. Aden Hart and his wife had a fight before he took her down to the basement to experiment on her. Nowadays the home sits in downtown Sacramento, every so often the owners will hold tours to curious visitors.

If paranormal activity is what you are searching for, and you are visiting the State Capital the Martinez house is a definite must visit.

1: Sacramento Theater Company

Single handily the most frightening place on the list, if you are going to visit the state capital you must visit the Sacramento Theater Company. This place is scarier then something out of a Shakespeare novel, and while not looking very threatening at first glance the spirits that live in the theatre are quite scary.

The most common apparition is said to be a spirit which goes by the name of Pinky, this was the old stage manager.

First hand encounters with Pinky have said that she will fiddle with the stage lights, play with the buttons on the performer’s costumes and even pull pranks on the living. Not a demonic spirit by any means, but still very scary to say the least.

There are far more spirits to be found here then just pinky, as there has also been accounts of Madame Modjeska making her rounds in the building. She was a stage actor who it is believed did not achieve the career success that she had hoped to achieve, and although being particularly well known in the State Capital she never did make it to Hollywood. Her spirit is believed to be dissatisfied and will make her rounds, as if she is trying to perform one last encore.

The Sacramento Theater Company is perhaps one of the most haunted locations in the State Capital of California, and definitely a must visit for paranormal thrill seekers.

Sacramento Underground Tunnel City
Sacramento Underground Tunnel City


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    • cameronpridmore profile imageAUTHOR

      Cameron Eittreim 

      21 months ago from Oklahoma

      Nice, thanks for the great comment

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 

      21 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      I love paranormal articles and shows. This was very interesting. One thing I love about paranormal articles and shows is the history behind them and why many believe that a certain location is haunted. This sparked my attention and very good historic details. Living close to New Orleans, I have seen a lot of historic haunted places. Thanks for sharing this.


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