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Top Three Ways for Cheap Air Flights on Cheap Airlines

Updated on May 13, 2012

Cheap Airlines Tickets on Cheap Airlines

For the last twenty years, I have done a lot of flying. Like many frequent flyers I have my own methods of making sure that I get either the best class of seat I want or the best price on a particular airlines flight. Like many other things in life, booking cheap airline flights did not used to be so difficult. Even with the help of the Internet, things are just more complicated than they used to be. So, how can you take advantage of my twenty years of travel experience? That is the reason for this article, to share my ideas on how to get the travel deals you want at the best possible cheap airlines fares.

Before so many of us had access to computers, the best friend you had for low price airline flights was a seasoned and honest travel agent. That is no longer the case because they often cannot get the same prices from their reservation system that you can get online.

Low Price Airline Tickets

Cheap Air Flights - Cheap Airline Fares Online with Top Three Travel Tools
Cheap Air Flights - Cheap Airline Fares Online with Top Three Travel Tools
Airline Aggregators - for Cheap Air Tickets
Airline Aggregators - for Cheap Air Tickets

Top Three Website Types for Cheap Airline Fares

In my experience, the top three ways to get cheap air flights on cheap airlines is as follows. There are three types of online website tools to use to your advantage. Learn as much about them as possible. Hopefully, the information in this article will help give you a head start.

Website Aggregators

Aggregators are websites that have software enabling them to check many airline airfares all at once. They do not charge a fee and in fact some, like Kayak, proudly advertise the fact their bookings have no added fees. They may get income from Google Adsense, or commissions from bookings made after referrals from their site. For the last several years, and currently, these are the best way to get cheap air flights on cheap airlines, for any flight, including for cheap international airlines.

Traditional On-Line Booking Websites

These sites like Orbitz also check more than one airline at a time. They add a small fee, usually under $10 per booking. The airline lets them keep the fee because the do the processing of the sale. Their prices are usually slightly higher but not consistently. For this reason it is worth your time to check for a cheap airlines ticket on these types of websites.

Airline Websites

These are the last decent opportunity you have to get cheap air flights on cheap airlines, especially if you have a last minute flight you have to take. An important thing to know is that some airlines never offer their flight information or sales to any Aggregator. Southwest Airlines is such a company. Find out from an aggregator which airlines do not provide them fares. Then check direct to each of those airline websites, if you have the time.

If you do your own booking for flights, you are in for a bit of work. If you fly for business, the company may book your flights. No website can be counted on as your only source for cheap air flights on cheap airlines.

Amazon Items on Low Price Cheap Air Tickets

My Personal Steps to Get Low Price Airline Tickets

Here is the method I use when booking flights. Please note in my text there are no links of any type as I have no connection or monetary reason recommend any websites in this article. These are just the tools that have worked for me.

Check with the website CheapOAir and enter TRAVEL20 for their promo code box. This gets you an instant savings of $20. Then search Jet Blue and Southwest Vacations websites to see if they have deals on the flight you want to take.

Remember that you should try checking the airline price with and without a hotel booking. Sometimes the price for the airfare is shockingly lower if you needed to book a hotel anyway, and do it on the same site where you get your air ticket. The best combo flight and hotel deals are usually on the Southwest Vacations website.

If the above-mentioned ideas have not found a flight with the price you want, it is time to check with websites like Orbitz, Expedia and then Travelocity. Also do not forget CheapOair, as mentioned above, Hotwire, Mobissimor, Trabber and Priceline.

Lowest Priced Air Flights Cheapest Air Fares - Comments Please

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