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how much is a Penthouse per night

Updated on March 27, 2012

Best Hotels

Have you ever dreamed of spending relaxing nights in a hotel. For a honeymoon maybe a romantic evening, well even in these credit crunching times there is still room for splashing you money around. The Hotels take the hotel penthouse experience to a next level , they give you unparalleled luxury for your best dollars. It just depend on you, how far would you go for this level of luxury , how much would you spend? 


Martinez Hotel, Cannes  - $18,000 per night

This is one of the most expensive rooms in the world, as far as hotel rooms go . To be honest it is a good thing that this is their penthouse suite. For this you get a number of  facilities, these include  Jacuzzi’s  plasma screen televisions for starters. Above and beyond this there is a DVD library  for you to brush up on knowledge  a kitchen an open bar and even a private butler.  The decor is what you would expect for this amount of money you get streamlined furniture, silk curtains and teak floors.

Ritz Carlton Suite, Ritz hotel Moscow- $18,200

Yes its that expensive but do not fear you can drown your empty wallet sorrows in a 2500 square foot suit with a living room , dining room , office , bedroom and grand piano. The whole suite is covered in floor to ceiling windows that give great views.  The whole place is furnished in a classic Russian style furnishing style. All this plus getting fed five meals a day should be enough but they do not stop there, you also get KGB approved secure network to make all your phone calls with security of your conversations the least of your worries.

Royal Suit of the AL Arab in Dubai- $19,000

As the list goes on it just get bigger and bigger doesn’t it, in price , area and everything else. For that price you get a 8400 square foot area , marble floors so you can see you reflection while walking. In the master bedroom the is a four pillar rotating bed that is supposed to be the most comfortable bed in the hotel. There is a dining area for you and your many guest if you choose to have any. Oh and did I mention the private cinema and the Marble and Gold staircase with leopard print carpets. And if that is not enough for the $19,000 price tag how about a complementary ride in a submarine to a underwater restaurant.

Four Seasons Hotel Penthouse Suite $ 34, 000 per night

This place cost $50 mill to be built, it offers a 9 room suite with all the usually from our previous penthouse suites. It is not for those with fears of heights as it is located on the 52nd floor of the hotel with floor to ceiling windows. It offers you a 360 degree view of New York and what a great view it is. If this is not relaxing enough for you there is a Zen room with a waterfall built in, a personal trainer and full spa treatment on call whenever you want. 


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