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Top Places to go fishing in USA

Updated on May 19, 2010

Looking to catch  many different varieties of fish on your travel around the USA? Or maybe, you are looking for a specific place to find fish. In this case, there are many places you can visit - either local or miles away. Fishing is a fun and relaxing sport for those who like to be alone or even bring the family along to join in.

Oregon Coast

In general, the Oregon coast is widely popular for catching Chinook Salmon. Believe it or not, some of these fish can be up to 100 lbs and there have been many people to catch these big fish. Be sure to bring all of your materials because you will need plenty of bait, poles, lines, and sandwiches ready in case you just might get hungry.

Kenai River, Alaska

If you are looking to be out in the open natu- I mean cold,  then dive right in! Alaska offers the most beautiful scenery while also offering fun activities like ice skiing, ice fishing, and more. One place in particular is the Kenai River which stretches over 132 miles of land from the Kenai Lake itself. The largest fish ever caught there is the 97 lb Kenai fish in 1985.

Colorado, Gunnison Country

The Gunnison country has the largest lake of water from the Blue Mesa resevoir which is plenty full of fish. On the western slope, about 200 miles from southwest of Denver, the Gunnison area holds land that is the size of Rhode Island. There are under 20,000 people living there and tons of fish to catch.


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