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Torrox Pueblo

Updated on July 3, 2014
Torrox Pueblo is an old Moorish whitewashed village in Andalusia, Southern Spain.
Torrox Pueblo is an old Moorish whitewashed village in Andalusia, Southern Spain. | Source

Torrox Pueblo

Torrox Pueblo is full of winding, narrow streets
Torrox Pueblo is full of winding, narrow streets
The Plaza is the heart of the village
The Plaza is the heart of the village

A Little Whitewashed Pueblo

In a little white-washed pueblo...way down in Southern Spain

where the pace of life's "tranquillo" and the sun shines away your strain

Mountains stretch towards the sky - Valleys go down deep...

The palm trees sway their leaves up high and the tapas are fresh and cheap

It is a bit surreal to set foot in the village for the first time with its narrow labyrinth streets and the ancient Moorish houses, which seem to have been intertwined in mysterious ways in the old part of town.

Torrox is a paradox where old black dressed women still sell their homegrown vegetables from the front door to by passers on the street - while young senoritas in jeans rapidly passes by talking into their mobile phones.

The natural gathering place in Torrox Pueblo is "The Plaza". Grab a café solo, a drink and some tapas on a pavement café and soak in the atmosphere. If you like people watching; this is the place to be.

The first hotel, Al Andalus, has just opened in Calle Baja in the old Moorish part of the village. Torrox has managed to retain its white Moorish village structure and I haven't seen a souvenir shop - yet. The tourists are here though; it just seems to be another sort of tourists.

Most visitors fly into Málaga, rent a car and drive to their holiday home either in the pueblo, at the coast or in the campo - the countryside around Torrox.

Torrox Pueblo is 4 kilometers inland and 125 meters above sea level.

Take a drive through Torrox

Where is Torrox?

Torrox is situated in the province of Málaga on the Costa del Sol. Torrox claims to have the best climate in Europe with an average annual temperature of 18C sheltered as it is by the Sierra Tejeda and Sierra Almijara mountains.

Torrox | Malaga | Spain

A markerTorrox 29700 Malaga. Spain -
get directions

How To Get To Torrox

You can fly in to Màlaga or Granada. The opening of the new N340/E15 auto via has made the journey from Málaga airport to Torrox a lot easier.

There are a huge amount of flights to Málaga.

Arriving to Spain by boat from Plymouth to Santander or from Portsmouth to Bilbao with your own car is another possibility...but it's a long drive through Spain.

Finally you can book a train ticket to Màlaga and go on by coach or taxi to Torrox. The drive takes about an hour.

A Taste of Torrox


Free E-Book

A Taste of Torrox gives you an impression of this small white-washed pueblo in Andalucia seen
through the eyes of a foreigner (me) who has lived there for ten years.
Links to more info, videos, travel resources and packed with pictures. .


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Andalucia (Regional Travel Guide)

Nobody knows Andalucia like Lonely Planet. Whether you're hunting for delectable tapas, exploring an Islamic palace or walking from village to village through groves of olives.



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