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Ticket Sales

Updated on November 13, 2013
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Neon Box Alkatrans Tour & Travel Klaten Branch. Neon Box's existence, are meant to be known by our customers that there is.This is Alkatrans Tour & Travel Office Branch Klaten very simpleIt is a domestic airline that followed Alkatrans Tour & Travel Klaten Branch
Neon Box Alkatrans Tour & Travel Klaten Branch. Neon Box's existence, are meant to be known by our customers that there is.
Neon Box Alkatrans Tour & Travel Klaten Branch. Neon Box's existence, are meant to be known by our customers that there is. | Source
This is Alkatrans Tour & Travel Office Branch Klaten very simple
This is Alkatrans Tour & Travel Office Branch Klaten very simple | Source
It is a domestic airline that followed Alkatrans Tour & Travel Klaten Branch
It is a domestic airline that followed Alkatrans Tour & Travel Klaten Branch | Source

About Us


Tour & Travel business began to mushroom, it is because almost everyone is getting frequent traveling for both Domestic tourist visits and the International or business visits, etc., which are automatically subject to the Tour & Travel agent. This is due to the increasing economic living standards of the people who encourage the continued development of this business.

Business Tour & Travel selected as the top choice in opening a new business. This is because the business has been running the ALKATRANS TOUR & TRAVEL in Yogyakarta belongs to Br. Dika (Rozadika Muhammad) which was established in August 10, 2011. The prospects for this business are already running, then I opened the Branch Tour & Travel in Klaten on approval Br. Dika.

Alkatrans Tour & Travel Klaten Branch official start time was set to coincide with the first time to get a new customer, ie on May 10, 2013.

With the ever increasing population of Indonesia is generally from year to year and especially the Klaten also increasing incomes, and the lack of time belonging to the public for visits or business purposes into another area. Then by air to be the right choice as the top choice.

Thus Alkatrans Tour & Travel Klaten Branch would like to take part in the business world, which is also to make it easier to choose in Klaten People get TICKET.

It's all about Alkatrans Tour & Travel Klaten Branch, which is located at:
Jalan Melati No. 20 RT/RW. 03/XI Jamalan Kidul
Kel. Tonggalan Kec. Klaten Tengah
Klaten 57412, Jawa Tengah
Telpon Kantor : 0272-321538
Mobile : 0821.3399.9708, 0877.3499.1762

Klaten, June 11, 2013

Sakti Yuliadon

Tour and Travel Alkatrans Klaten Branch

Airline Tickets, Hotel Reservations, Travel and Tourism

We are Tour & Travel agency with the name "Tour & Travel Alkatrans Klaten Branch" Central Java-Indonesia, we sell airline tickets, hotel reservations, and travel (domestic and international - individual / group) online / offline at the best price. And Klaten Alkatrans Tour & Travel is one of the partners of the, this will allow you to perp tickets online
wherever you are.

Get promo price with low cost .....!!!

Payment via transfer / ATM BANK MANDIRI
on behalf YULIADON SAKTI Account Number: 122-00057.63894.

Jl. Melati No. 20 RT/RW. 03/XI Jamalan Kidul
Kel. Tonggalan Kec. Klaten Tengah
Klaten 57412, Jawa Tengah.
Tel. 0272-321538 office
HP: 0877.3499.1762 (XL), 0821.3399.9708 (Simpati)
Via YM: alkatrans57412

Mechanism Purchase Tickets:

  1. Contact Contact us.
  2. Booking done.
  3. Having already be booked ticket, we give you Booking Code Airlines.
  4. Perform transfers to Account No. We and confirm. (It could also come directly to our office).
  5. Once funds were received in our account, our ticket Issued. (Process Issued 5-15 minutes).
  6. Once Tickets are on-issued, you will be given a Ticket Number, which is proof that the ticket has been confirmed. (Can be via SMS or Email). Ticket Booking Code and Number, you can print at Counter Airlines airport before check-in. Or for those who want to print your own tickets, we can send E-Ticket Via e-mail.

Confidence in us, is a very valuable asset ...

website Airlines

"Alkatrans Tour & Travel Klaten Branch", where our business is to partner with This allows you to book tickets securely online or offline.

Domestic Airlines :

  • Air Asia
  • Citilink Airlines
  • Expressair
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Kalstar Aviation
  • Lion Air
  • Mandala Air
  • Merpati Air
  • Sky Aviation
  • Sriwijaya Air
  • Trigana
  • TransNusa

International Airlines :

  • Air Asia
  • Air France
  • China Airlines
  • China Southern
  • Emirates
  • Japan Airlines
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Qantas Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Tiger Airways

For Domestic & International Airlines Booking Contact us at the above address.

See more at : -

How to Reserve Tickets Through Utiket

In today's world a lot of things can be done with the practical , including
flight bookings . Through the website you can easily
check the price with the price comparison of all airlines .
So you no longer need to check on the website of the airline
one to choose the cheapest ticket prices . Practical is not it? Not only that,
once you get the cheapest price you can directly
ticket reservation . It is true not sell tickets , only information
ticket price alone but you can still make a reservation ticket through one
Utiket partner or to the airline directly . How do I ? It's easy,
see explanation below.

Ticket Price check

The first thing you should do is to check ticket prices
to route your flight through . Select the best airfares on the menu
the bar afterwards input your flight routes and dates . Do not forget
also input how many passengers you need . After clicking search ,
You will find ticket prices of all airlines serving the route
The . The default order of price from the cheapest to the most expensive .
Choose the most suitable price for you . Do not forget to also check hours
departure and facilities that you can get such as luggage or snack

Reserve Tickets

For ticket reservation you simply click on the message and you will get two
option is to do the booking directly with the airline or perform
booking through one of the existing Utiket partner in your city . If you
choose an order through your airline then click on the website link
airlines that has been provided and you will automatically direct
connect to airline sites . If you choose booking through one
Utiket a partner , you will get an explanation for how

Utiket has worked with more than 400 travel agents in
Indonesian cities . Confused where select agents ? No need to get confused because
You simply select an agent that is in your town then you will see the name of an agent
trips and more details from the address , phone number to
YM website and you can contact . Choose the closest to where you live . You can continue booking tickets online by clicking the ticket message and then fill out a form that has been provided in full or to make booking tickets directly via phone or come to
address when possible.

Payment Confirmation

For those of you who do online ticket booking through Utiket immediately check email
You in your inbox or spam because you will get an email confirmation
about booking tickets you have done . continued payment
how? Quiet , for the payment you will get an email
confirmation of partner Utiket or airline you have chosen when making
ticket reservation . Oh yes , the price listed on the website is
airline fares . So if you make booking tickets through a travel agent
or one partner is likely Utiket price different from the price
airline travel agents because each has its own policy for
adding the cost of booking the tickets you ordered.

Cost of booking tickets between travel agents with one another will
different . Usually additional charges ranging from Rp.15,000, - . you can
asked directly about the cost of booking for travel
agent that you choose. To note , that the magnitude of the incremental cost
booking is not for Utiket . Utiket not benefit
anything from booking the tickets you are doing. Utiket only help you
get flight tickets as per your choice. Easy and practical is not it?

Good luck.

Sources :


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Citilink Airlines

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Garuda Indonesia

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Kal Star Aviation

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Lion Air

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Mandala Airline

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Merpati Nusantara

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Sky Aviation

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Sriwijaya Air

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Transnusa Air Services

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Things To Look For When Booking Hotels Online

In the modern era , as now, everything is to be done with practical . Not only is shopping online, buy online airline ticket reservation even The hotel also can be easily done online. Although it looks practical, easy and of course will give us a lot of convenience for the customer but booking or online hotel reservations must be made appropriately so as not to cause future problems. Here are some things to
consider when making hotel reservations in online :

Find A Trusted Site

Many sites that provide information about traveling including information hotels and hotel reservations. Choose a great site and really could believed that you can avoid scams. Several large hotels have also been providing hotel booking services online that you can use with ease.

Know The Rules booking

There are a few rules you should know when to do online hotel reservations . Not all the same rules, so you should read it carefully. Carefully check whether your credit card given only to confirm the booking or your money will be directly involved truncated. Read also about the cancellation rule, if your money will be returned or not, as well as with the rules of the inn.

Always Read Testimony

Photos attached to online booking sites is often times makes us tempted. But you have to be careful because it could be the hotel photos are not same as the original or even very much different. To find out the testimony of people who have stayed there. Testimony will be a consideration for you.

Compare Prices

Look for price comparison. You do not have to just rely on a single online site course but you have to obtain the know with the opening of other websites that also provide information about the hotel rates so that you will actually get the cheapest price.

Frequent Updates

When you have to make hotel reservations, does not mean your business is complete because you still have to be diligent to check the status of your reservation. it is to prevent things like unwanted unilateral cancellation and others. Do not get us a new recognition of the problem as it reaches the there.

Take Credit Cards

Do not forget to bring your credit card when you check -in because Your reservation using a credit card so the card requires a hotel Credit to confirm your data. If you order using a credit card owned by friends or relatives, you still have to borrow the credit card or it could also bring a copy of the hotel in order to be able to confirm the owner of the original credit card.

Sources :

© 2013 Ticketing, Hotel Reservations, Travel


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