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Wonderful Places to Tour in Venice, Italy

Updated on September 30, 2011

Italy contains some of the greatest wonders of the world. Including some of the most historic and wonderful cities that man has built upon the earth. One of the greatest and most romantic cities that Italy has is Venice. Venice contains some of the most impressive architectural designs ever imagined. It contains several of the most prolific architectural styles all in one location from Renaissance and the baroques. But, what makes this city so spectacular is that there are so many crammed into a small area. When you walk down the ancient stone streets you see palaces and churches around every corner.

Venice was specifically designed this way though and is laid out in a series of squares. Which the designers originally wanted so that when you experience this beautiful city you notice that the buildings are displayed in a wavy or leafy effect, These create outdoor rooms that crop up one after another. As you walk the narrow streets of Venice you notice there are no large roads in and out of the city unless you count the Grand Canal. The roads file a snake like pattern to new buildings and vistas around every corner. With each new turn is a picturesque moment for the camera wielding tourist.

The city of Venice Italy has a long lengthy history of its own. It started out as the first great republic of the old Rome. It contained homes of the heads of state and was the world’s first true materialistic city. When Venice made money it spent it on magnificent decorations. This city once held the great power of the sea with the largest navel force in the world. It was the center of trade and commerce to the East. It continued as the world monopoly of trade with the East which helped it sustain its insatiable growth over the centuries.

In the late 1700s the republic of Venice was taken over by napoleon. Shortly after Napoleon made a deal with the Austrians that allowed them to take control of Venice. Then in late 1866 they were declared as part of the new state of Italy. But as you talk with the people of this wondrous city they still maintain a very independent nature. The people of Venice have their own dialect of the Italian language. They strictly do not like interference in there affairs from anyone from Roam or the rest of Italy. As for the traveler in Venice it offers much more and you could easily visit a dozen or more times before you even begin to scratch the surface of what Venice has to offer. When you get lost in this over the top maze of amazing streets and turns you will find it has wondrous treasures waiting to be discovered around every corner.

When visiting Venice there are certain areas that can be covered with in a day and they are must see locations for every visitor to this city. The first locations to see would be Piazza San Marco, the Basilica, the Campanile, the Ducal Palace; you can sit under one of the waterways cafes and admire the view across. Then take the afternoon to see san Marco or san Giorgio since they are all in relative proximity of each other. If you want to go further use the public transportation system it is cheap and easier to get around with in the tiny streets. Then go island hopping and see even more of this breathtaking city.

This is a city that is full of devils temptation but it appreciates the good things in life. Some simple rules to help you on your way, One is always avoid restaurants where waiters invite you in. Try to avoid eating or drinking along the main thoroughfares ( The Mercerie) Be aware that you are not really paying for the food or drink but for the view and can get very expensive quickly. But you will find those off the grid locations where the view is just worth the extra few Euros it will cost. Of course the famous Piazza San Marco you will find no better coffee in all of Venice. Also look out for Harries bar it is small and expensive but worth the trip at least once for some local cocktail and atmosphere. The shopping district is like rodeo drive in the states the more you go off the main area the cheaper it is for the same product.

One of the best times to visit Venice is during the Carnival. It is the most dramatic celebration in the Venetian calendar. The city wide party is a wonderful full recreation for the 18th century Venice that is a must for every Venice visitor to see at least once in their lifetime. No matter when you go you will bring back memories and experiences that you can come back here and share with us. We love to hear from those that have experienced it for themselves. But no matter when you go Venice will not let you down and will forever keep its title of beauty and romance.


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  • Shinkicker profile image


    9 years ago from Scotland

    Nice Hub Kadmiels

    Have you noticed too that Venice is shaped like a fish from above?

  • Angela_1973 profile image


    9 years ago

    You wrote this very nicely, I was in Venice long time ago. Really enjoyed the pictures you put here.

  • billyaustindillon profile image


    9 years ago

    Venice is a beautiful city and you represent it well.


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