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Tourer Awning Test -- Kampa Rapide 220

Updated on April 19, 2016

A simple Porch Awning 2.2 metres square, it has external frame and come complete with four guy ropes.

It is easy to erect, No I’m not reading this as I am a disabled camper and I use either stick or crutches I put the awning up in 10 minutes on my own and whilst using one crutch.

Whilst the ground was so soft and sodden I needed to use long tent pegs (and put them back in every morning) the awning pegging points were well placed, although I think I might have added an extra one in the centre of the front doorway to stop the awning lifting in high winds, which we had as well as an excessive amount of rain, and despite which the inside was dry.

Good points

Three door the front one is HUGE almost complete width so opened right makes a good veranda

Built in Storm fixings for optional Storm straps (only £12.99)


The frame fixes to the awning with a pin and loop system with a strap between the two poles inside the awning. This needs thinking out when you first get it the strap needs to go UNDER a groundsheet I find it a tripping hazard with my problems. Also the loop and pin are too close together so it is difficult to put together an extra-large split ring with the loop moved to it does the trick.

Guy Rope tensioners are wonderfully dayglow but when the rope slackens due to wind or the peg pulling out slips down the rope – so replaced with something I am also trying out for the first time

note the ideal testing conditions WET weather
note the ideal testing conditions WET weather | Source
new style of tensioner that is simple and effective
new style of tensioner that is simple and effective | Source


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