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Tourist Attractions in Lagos, Portugal

Updated on July 23, 2012

Bravura Dam

The Bravura Dam was completed in 1958. With a height of 41m and a volume of 19 000m3, the Bravura Dam is one of the largest dams in Portugal. The dam is located approximately 14km north of Lagos making this dam far enough away from the popular tourist areas and guarantees peace, making it an ideal spot for hikes.

The area around the dam is a protected region and thus a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature without the hustle and bustle of tourists found closer to the beach areas.

Forte Ponta da Bandeira


The Forte Ponta da Bandeira is commonly known as the Fortress of Our Lady of Penha de Fran├ža and Forte du Pau da Bandeira. The fortress was built in the late 17th-century as a defensive fortress for Lagos. The fortress is one of the best and most well-preserved historical buildings as it was restored in the 1960s.

Today the fortress is used to celebrate one of the most traditional festivals in Lagos, namely Bath 29. The festival started when the Portuguese people bathe in the sea at midnight on 29 August.

Within the fortress you will find art exhibitions and a small restaurant that allows you to relive the atmosphere of the past while the fort itself offers spectacular views of the city and the ocean.

Praia do Camilo


Access to the Praia do Camilo has been improved in 2008 with new wooden steps and landing in between. You will be greeted with breathtaking and picturesque cliffs with the embrace of a little beach together with magnificent rock formations.

The beach offers tourist the opportunity to enjoy the lovely cool water on sunny days and an ideal choice of beach when the wind blows a light breeze through the bay.

On top of the steps you will find a lovely restaurant, which is popular amongst the local residents and serves local dishes and freshly caught seafood allowing you to relax without even trying.

Ponta da Piedade


On the southern corner of the bay of Lagos you will find the Ponta da Piedada, a prominent lighthouse that is surrounded by bizarre rock formations and fascinating grotto's.

The beach is home to a variety of shellfish and mollusks and you can enjoy a variety of aquatic sports such as wind surfing, sailing, diving and fishing.

Lagos Fish Market


The Lagos Fish Market provides one with fresh produce to meet all your shopping needs. Here you will find a daily catch of fish from about 33 vendors, 4 quality butcher, fruit and vegetable shops, coffee shops and also provides a future restaurants that overlooks the harbor front.


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