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Tourist places to visit in Britain

Updated on July 8, 2013


One of the top tourist places in England is Stonehenge.If the stones could speak i am sure they would have some great story's to tell.Stonehenge was built in stages using stones which are bluestone,sarsen welsh sandstone.Stonehenge is properly one of the most important prehistoric monuments in Britain.Estimated to be built in 3100 BC in Wiltshire UK in 3 stages using about 30 million labour hours.No one really knows why it was built but it is said it is an astronomical calender a site for religious worship bit there is holes which has had cremated remains found in them which also could mean it was a monument site for the dead but unless some one invents a time machine we will never really know the whole truth.

London Tower Bridge

London tower bridge is a bridge that is over the river thames which opened to traffic in 1973.Constructed was started in 1176 which was built by the roman's and took them 8 years to build out of wood and then later replaced with stone.As of today it stands with the towers at 43 meters high and the bridge which is 60 meters long.London bridge was once lined with shops so between the shops and the road it was only 4 meters wide which caused traffic jams of horses and carts along with a lot of people so in 1733 the law came in to stay left was enforced to keep traffic moving which became the rule of the roads in England.They have tours inside the bridge and exhibitions and quit often have events going on around the towers to.

Warwick Castle

Warwick castle is a medieval castle developed from original which was built by William the conqueror in 1608.Warwick castle in Warwickshire near the river Avon in England.William started to build it with a wooden motte and bailey the castle was built in stone in the 12th century .The castle has guy's towers which where completed in 1395 and stand 39 m high.They are four stories inside them which where used to live in and then a fifth story which was the guardsman room.Warwick castle has so much history is is a must see it has interactive attractions events and shows which is perfect for families.

Blue Planet Aquarium

The blue planet aquarium is a marine and freshwater aquarium located in Cheshire England.The aquarium has exhibits and a aqua tunnel,sharks,rocky shoreline,otters,reef magic and mangrove swamps and so much more.There is tanks and pools and tunnels take you through the different habitats of the marine with some hands on along with shark dives,educational talks, great shows and some amazing views.You need a break there is a pirates playground for the young explorers with a ship wreck slides and monkey bars and crocodiles! The aquarium opened up in 1988 by the queen it is one of the largest aquariums in England and designed by Manchester-based Buttress Fuller Alsop architects to resemble a shape of a crashing wave and then built by Cheshire developer deep sea leisure.


England has many great zoo's which have been popular with Brits.They have many great zoos around England which is great for family's. Banham zoo,Norfolk is a zoo with over a thousand animals on 35 acres of parkland.So much to do there animal handling,safari road train a big adventure play area,feeding talks, activities to learn along with unique 30 minute presentations.Chester zoo is another great zoo to visit it is one of the largest zoo's in England definitely a full day needed it has over 7,000 animals with over 400 species.There is daily animal talks with a monorail to get you around to different parts of the zoo or take the water bus on the canal or if the weather is wet they have large indoor exhibitions.They have play areas and mini golf and face painting or take a break with many options around the zoo for dinning.London zoo is a 36 acre with over 650 species which have lots of mammals ,birds and reptiles.London zoo was founded in 1826 by the zoological society in London it is the worlds oldest scientific zoo. It was in 1828 to be used for scientific study but ended up opening to the public in 1847. They have a great tiger up close experience and a tropical indoor exhibits. Gorilla kingdom, African safari,butterfly paradise,komodo dragons and meet the monkeys and so much more.Gift shop and restaurants and cafes all over the park.

Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert hall is a concert hall in London which was opened by queen Victoria in 1871.each year it hosts more then 350 events in a year which include classical music,rock,pop,ballet,opera,award ceremonies,school and community events,charity events and banquets.Albert hall offers day time tours and has a shop and cafe with a little lunch time jazz and world like music. Take a evening and go watch a concert

Big Ben

Big Ben is a nickname for the great bell of the clock at the end of the Westminster place in London.The clock has the largest four faced chiming clock in the world and third tallest free standing clock tower.It has a bell tower that chimes that chimes every quarter hour and on the hour it will chime the hour of that time.The clock has become a symbol of united kingdom

Alton Towers

Alton towers is a place of fun and thrills it is a theme park and resort located in staffordshire England and is the most visited park in England.There is white knuckle roller coasters along with scary rides and amazing attractions for the whole family with a kids attractions and rides for the little ones to.Hot day and need to cool of well go to the Alton towers water park with great water slides and a lazy river and crazy canons with sensational speed of the master blaster water roller coaster .There is all day dinning around the park with lots of places to shop where you can buy souvenirs.Alton towers has a great themed room hotel with a bar and restaurant and great entertainment.


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