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Tranquil Muizenberg

Updated on June 17, 2013

Some pictures of Muizenberg and Casa Labia

Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope | Source
Muizenberg beach from Boyes Drive
Muizenberg beach from Boyes Drive | Source
Muizenberg beach, near the catwalk at dusk
Muizenberg beach, near the catwalk at dusk | Source
Crystal chandelier at Casa Labia Muizenberg
Crystal chandelier at Casa Labia Muizenberg | Source
Rhodes Cottage where Cecil John Rhodes died in 1902, Muizenberg Get to walk in a great man's shoes.
Rhodes Cottage where Cecil John Rhodes died in 1902, Muizenberg Get to walk in a great man's shoes. | Source

A little bit about Muizenberg

Muizenberg is situated on the Cape Peninsula, in its heyday it used to be a big holiday destination with mainly a Jewish community. It has changed drastically the last 20 years or so into a slight disrepair. The last five years Muizenberg has had a revival especially along the beachfront.

Nowadays Muizenberg is a full of surf schools, it has always been a great surfing beach, but the rebuilding of the old has revived the beachfront area. Check it out Muizenberg named by National Geographic as one of the world's Top 20 Surf Towns. The sea being a bit warmer in Muizenberg than on the Atlantic Coast, though it is still cold. Once a month on a Saturday closest to the full moon, they have the Moonlight Meander that leaves from Knead the coffee shop bakery on the beach front, it is a safer together. This guided walk is in partnership with Muizenberg Neighborhood Watch association.

Muizenberg is a vision with all the glistening white sand stretch of beach that goes as far as the eye can see. The experience of taking a early morning walk with the mountain on one side, the sea on the other, the endless stretch of the white sand stretching towards Strandfontein, the waves gently crashing on to the beach washing there shells ashore. The Hottentots Holland Mountains across the way creating this indescribable view, sometimes a hazy mist making it looks mysterious.

Things to do and see in Muizenberg

You can find Boyes Drive above with loads of hikes up the mountain, or even taking a walk along there or a jog. Boyes Drive has equally stunning views across the Bay in all directions, you can even see Simonstown and Cape of Good Hope in the distance.

Another great walk is the “catwalk” in Muizenberg, it starts below the station in Muizenberg and ends in St James. You need to watch the tides, when it is high tide the waves crash up onto the “catwalk”, the last time I walked it I felt like a child running to avoid the wave crashing onto me. I got the spray of course, I was also blessed to see some whales, I seen two, one had a baby with her. The baby whale was hidden under her fin, protecting her young. They move so quickly these gigantic sea animals. You can find them here a certain time of the year they come to the shelter of False Bay to have there babies moving between Muizenberg and Kalk Bay. I have previously seen whales in Brazil on a cruise ship and in Alaska on a ship while I worked onboard as well, but this is so natural you are next to the sea and there they are. It is indescribable to view such a fabulous sight of nature and the magnitude of the animal.

Southern Right whale is here between the months of June and November.

Humpback whale is between the months of May and December.

Cecil John Rhodes cottage is in Muizenberg a museum; I have to say how sad I have never visited something so near me. I will correct this I have now finally been to Rhodes Cottage, amazing, the views, the energy to walk in this great mans steps. Rhodes died in this cottage in 1902, they even have the table from the De Beers Mining Company, imagine all those diamonds been counted and checked out on there. Views are to die for, a stunning balcony with views over False Bay, pictures to follow soon. I have been to Casa Labia a restored mansion of Count Labia; a few of my friends had birthday parties there. Casa Labia is worth a visit for tea and simply to sit or walk around this glorious oldie worldly world back in time of crystal chandeliers and the furniture and fittings. They have a gallery on the top floor worth a look as well.

The Sunday Market near Sunrise Circle in Muizenberg for all your necessities is great as well.

Accommodation is readily available with guesthouses and backpacker’s lodges near the beach. An Ocean Echo Backpackers Lodge, the Beach Lodge is a couple of them, the Sonstraal guesthouse is not far from the beach as well. Lots of coffee shops, surf shops, surf schools.

I am so blessed to live near this tranquil place, if I am having a bad day I take a drive and simply inhaling fresh sea air and I feel rejuvenated and ready to face anything

A dude surfing at Muizenberg beach

Muizenberg and Cape Town

Cape Town - Overview

Cecil John Rhodes

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