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Egypt Transportation 3 Amazing Facts

Updated on January 4, 2011

Riding Donkies

Have you ever heard of "Nasr Ed Din" or the famous Egyptian "Funny Goha"?

Have you heard the story of " Goha, His son& His Donkey"? If not you would miss a great amount of laughter which could heal your wounds and calamities. You would laugh from your heart and become less interested of what would people think and say of and about you.

Donkies used to be very famous in the past as means of transport. People used to ride on donkies to move and to travel from one place to another.

One day Nasr Ed Din rode the donkey with his son and went to the markrt. On their way some people saw them and cried out " O those cruel people. They both ride on the back of the poor little donkey". Goha or Nasr Ed Din looked at his son and said " O my son , may be we are doing wrong. You ride the donkey and I will walk beside you".

Dear reader what do you think will happen next?

Another group of people saw Goha walking and his son riding and then the people cried out:

What do you think they said?

" O ! Look at that very impolite boy. He's riding the donkey and letting his old poor father walk. That's very improbable".

Will Goha and his son listen to people's comment this time?

What would you do if you were in their place?

What was going on in Goha's son mind?

Really the boy felt ashamed and dropped himself from the back of the donkey and told his father:" You father, must ride on the donkey and I'll walk beside you".

They did so and walked till they came to another gathering of people who looked in amazement at Goha and his son and cried out:>>>

What do you think they said?

" O this cruel unmerciful man. He's riding the donkey and letting this poor little child walk. He must be cursed".

Goha and his son looked at each other and.......

What do you think they did after that?

Waiting for your respectful feedback!!!!!!

Nowadays still in the countryside, the donkey is considered as a main means of transport. It is safe and environment friendly. It does not cause chemical pollution. It is not very expensive. It is not very fast either. It helps farmers to carry crops and grass from the fields. It drags carts.

Donkies are a famous means of transport in rural Egypt
Donkies are a famous means of transport in rural Egypt | Source


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    • profile image

      tabola 7 years ago

      I like riding donkies

    • profile image

      ebrahimrasoul 7 years ago

      ooooh;what a real topic

    • ABDELRASOUL profile image

      ABDELRASOUL 7 years ago

      Thank youfor the information.

      I'll write something about Egypt in the 18th century

    • profile image

      Mahrous 7 years ago

      Did you know that the Frensh during their invasion to Egypt spent alot of money on donkey riding?