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Transportation in Lagos Nigeria

Updated on February 10, 2010

Lagos Nigeria Transport


Transportation in Lagos Nigeria

In Lagos Nigeria there are many ways of transporting goods and services the most common ones however are those that carry commuters between different parts of the state. For instance, people residing on the mainland of Lagos who work on the Island will definitely need to move from their bases to their respective work places every morning on work days and vice versa in the evenings. Here are some of the most common modes of transportation in Lagos Nigeria;

1.      Okada

These are motorcycle taxis which carry single passengers along designated routes. Considered fastest ways of commuting in Lagos Nigeria due to their flexibility and speed in the Lagos traffic, Okada is not everybody’s first choice of transportation because of their risky nature (unlike cars and buses they are small and could easily be crushed by bigger vehicles, some Okada riders are also reckless and there isn’t really anyway of knowing this beforehand except after embarking on one). However they are relatively cheaper than normal taxis and are usually preferred by people trying to beat traffic.

2.      Taxis

There are many classes of taxis in Lagos Nigeria some of which are the good old yellow and black stripe taxis which have been around since the 70’s and the newer corporate taxis. The corporate cabs are a recent development in taxiing in Lagos Nigeria especially since 2006 when several of them started making bold efforts at meeting the transportation needs of middle class folks and business executives looking for comfort and security while being moved from one point to another. Taxis are beyond the reach of most Lagosians but are often patronized by people who can’t use public buses or want some sort of comfort and convenience. Other examples of taxis include yellow cabs, blue cabs, orange cabs, red cabs and corporate cabs among others.

3.      Danfos

Danfos are 14 seater mini buses which are mostly painted yellow with black stripes for those that operate on the mainland and white and green for those that ply routes on the Island whereas the most popular means of commuting by Lagosians, Danfo buses are anything but convenient since you have to compete with passengers to get in one of them  (usually when buses are in short supply and this may be often during fuel scarcity), or perhaps for ample space to seat conveniently or be insulted by rude conductors or sometimes by other ill-mannered passengers. These buses ply all routes in the states except in private or reserved areas where there is also a ban on Okada.

4.      Keke Marwa and Keke Napep

These are Indian made tricycles used for commercial purposes usually plying very short routes of less than 5 km. and carrying between 3 and 5 passengers, they shuttle between communities and are a bit more convenient than the danfo and okada except that they are the slowest means of transportation.

5.      BRT and Lag buses

The newest addition to mass transit in Lagos state they are expected to completely replace the notorious molue buses which have been around for long. These buses are much neater, faster and convenient as they are operated professionally by Lagos state Government through one of its agencies, the Lagos metropolitan transport authority (LAMATA). They run on dedicated lanes along designated routes and have so far been a huge success in terms of meeting the transportation needs of Lagosians.

6.      Train/rail transport

Although lying comatose at the moment due to rehabilitation works by the Lagos state Government ongoing, they are expected to pick up in 2011 where more than 1/3 of the population of Lagos commuters will be moved daily. Rail transportation is expected to become the most affordable and fastest means of commuting along distant routes.

7.      Ferry

These means of transportation is not very popular despite being a bit faster and cheaper than road transportation. However ferries have been around for a long time as well and usually move passengers along Apapa, Ikorodu and Victoria Island and environs.

8.      Lorries and trailers

Lorries and trailers are mostly used for transporting merchandise especially petroleum products, finished goods and raw materials for industries as well as agricultural produce. Occasionally they are the major causes of traffic jams and accidents.



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    • profile image

      Moin Ali 2 years ago

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    • profile image

      Sunday Amos 5 years ago

      Lagos a beautiful city but full of notorious&merciless people e.g 'Agbero' Lagos transport Agency should behold of these people and reduce there numbers.

    • profile image

      Jessy 5 years ago

      Want to go there soon, and thanks, transport seems fine.

    • profile image

      Olamilekan kazeem 6 years ago

      It is quite an age dat lagos state is d centre of execellence

    • Afshankanwal profile image

      Afshankanwal 6 years ago

      Great efforts of transportation in Nigeria which provide all kind of services just like Airport Taxi provide services of every kind of occasions thanks .

    • profile image

      Transportation Collection Agency 7 years ago

      I hope to visit Nigeria one day. Everyone I meet from Nigeria is always so happy and they all have amazing laughs and smiles.

    • profile image

      buhari 7 years ago

      Transportation in Nigeria specifically in Lagos has taken a new dimension which i see has the right step to take in other to attain maximum development in terms of effeciency, effectiveness and productivity of both work force and the economy at large. Hence transport is the life line of a nation growth and development. It is also the road map to attain the economy potential. It is pertinent to understand here that a nation can only be said to have attain a given level of development by the nature of her transport network or situation. Lagos State is an example of development.

    • profile image

      Bridget Davidson 7 years ago

      Really Ahmed? The transportation industry in Lagos is just as developed and efficient as the United States, China, and European countries?

    • profile image

      ahmed 7 years ago

      Nigeria is excellent tourist places, and transportation system of Lagos is not less than any advances and developed country.