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TravBuddy - TripAdvisor Website & Travel Reviews

Updated on May 11, 2011

In this article I want to just get on and talk about the great TravBuddy website I discovered last night, I'm a little peeved because I've had a hub flagged which I've had to go back and alter and its taken my articles down when I'm trying to gain a lot!

Anyway I was happy because it looks as though I could find someone to come with me when travelling to Thailand in a month or so, I did have a couple of friends interested in coming with me but it is always difficult to agree on a destination and you also have to take money and time off work into account. I then thought to myself there must be loads of other youngsters wishing to visit similar destinations so I decided to see if there were any specialist travel partner websites by searching Google.

Firstly I tried entering the keywords 'Travel partners' and 'Travel Buddy' but when I didn't yield the specific results I wanted, I decided to type in 'Travel partners Thailand' and I was lucky to come across the great website

Photo courtesy of overig

Travel Reviews

The great thing about TravBuddy compared to the initial websites I came across was that this site is totally free, well at least all the cool features are anyway and other travel websites charged you for more detailed searches or messaging.

Some cool features I enjoyed about this travel website was that it is a lot like a social network with things such as leaving comments on peoples profiles, blogging and a cool Google map that displays pin points of the places you have visited.

I also received '3 smiles' from other people looking to meet up or who want to be a booking buddy, this is very welcoming and friendly.

Photo courtesy of dweekly


Other members you may see on the TravBuddy website have different persona's, for example, you will get your average people who are looking for travel guides, tips and travel partners and then you will get your more experienced 'TripAdvisor' members that offer to meet you because they are already at the destination you want to visit.

The latter persona's seem very friendly and obviously have experience they can pass on to newbies, this is great if you have to travel alone because it means that you will at least have someone your own age to welcome you when you arrive. You will probably want to know all of the best nightclubs, bars and best beaches where all the action takes place, since they have been there a long time you will not waste valuable holiday time searching for them.

Photo courtesy of reggiebibbs

Travel Blogs

Above I have included a screenshot of my profile to give travellers a better idea of the content that is displayed on your 'travel blog'. The good thing is that people will get a better idea of the sort of personality you have and your attitude towards traveling and I think that TravBuddy specifically chose great questions to ensure that you are matched with your ideal holiday buddy.

By asking questions such as 'What was your most memorable travel experience', people will be able to analyse your cultural understanding, your social skills and values when starting a new venture.

One last thing I thought was useful to mention as an ending note for this hub and that is TravBuddy doesn't penalize you for including your Facebook address on your profile, this makes it a lot more efficient for contacting someone.


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