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3 Days at Mussoorie - A Holiday to Remember

Updated on February 8, 2018

One Mussoorie morning


There are quite a few hill stations in India and each have their own quintessential culture attached to it.

One such place that is like no other is Mussoorie.

The view from inside the car as we drove uphill was beyond words. The mountain ranges and cold breeze and the little fox that crossed our path just made Mussoorie the hill station worth the visit. Mussoorie is just the ideal place to let loose and just be. The cosy early morning when you don’t have to snooze your alarm clock makes you want to make this place your home.

Lazy evening on the hills



A bunch of friends and I lit a fire and gazed at the mountains that lay bare right in front of our eyes. We had a beautiful time, with some ravelling conversations and music. It was out of the world to see the snow capped mountains ahead of us. The mountains were packed with trees, mostly cedar tress. The place was barren and the heavy breeze takes you away to another land, far away. Unlike the heart of mussoorie, here we hardly saw any tourists. A lazy evening, yet one of the best.

If you'd like some moments of quietness, this is the place.

A markerkanatal, mussoorie -
Kanatal, Kaudia Range, Uttarakhand 249130, India
get directions

The Kellogg’s Memorial Church, Landour

The church in itself is a work of history. A walk to the church will give you the sentiments of living during the times of the colonisers. The church is a real beauty, but there’s more. If you are an aimless traveller, a wanderer or a free spirit wanting to identify all that’s out there and all by yourself, then here’s where you start. A stroll down the road will give you may surprises. Up the hill, you will feel content. You will find nature’s best, historic narratives, tombstones of the once lived Bishops, and more you didn’t truly expect.

Landour - The place to be!

Landour is yet another spot you cannot miss when you fly uphill. The deodar tress and the ancient buildings, the schools and little cottages made this site quite picturesque. It was one of those moments when you feel you are a character in a historic fiction novel, and as the pages go by, you get a glimpse of more and more.


Why Mussoorie, again?

If you are looking for the ideal lazy trip that also give you the best window views, long lasting sleep and much more than what resorts and travel guides can offer, then Mussoorie is the ideal place to be.


Riverside at the Yamuna

One of the best things one can do at Mussoorie is finding a still space by the banks of the gushing river Yamuna. You can see the waters flowing down and making way between the mountains. The place is quiet and you will hardly find people come by. Once you get down to the banks, all you need to do is just be and you will never want to leave. The view of the mountains above and the fresh water that runs below and washes your feet is worth the experience.



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    • Susan SJ profile image

      Susan SJ 3 months ago

      Yes. It is stunning. :)

    • Claire-louise profile image

      Claire Raymond 3 months ago from UK

      Wow! Absolutely amazing looking place!