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Travel Argentina: Salta and Jujuy

Updated on December 14, 2016

First Look at Salta

Many people who visit Argentina focus on Buenos Aires and maybe Patagonia or Iguazu Falls. However, there is much more to this large and diverse country.

On leaving Buenos Aires, you are aware that some of the other cities in the country may differ from the European style city that you have grown accustomed. Salta is indeed very different, the architecture is very Spanish colonial in the centre and the outskirts are very much more stereotypically Latin American in style. It is really very charming and has quite a remarkable atmosphere. The periphery of the city is quite hilly and it is possible to even take a cable car up to a close by mountain from which the view is excellent.

The Central Square is truly beautiful and certainly worth a visit, you can visit the museum with mummified indigenous children from hundreds of years ago and see something very unusual. Central Salta has some great places to eat, both traditional Argentinian and local food. One great place to sample food is Dona Salta in Av. Cordoba. Salta is a popular getaway and has all types of lodging from hostels to 5 star hotels.

The Culture and Food of the Salteno

Salteno culture is far more South American and influenced by the indigenous people of the continent than the majority of the rest of Argentina. In the province of Salta, there is phenomenal scenery. The Quebrada de la Concha, which on the route to the wine region, Cafayate, is truly breathtaking. It reminds me of some of the scenery in the Grand Canyon area, but it is so unspoilt and with few inhabitants and tourists. The town of Cafayate is famous for growing Torrontes, an indigenous Argentinian white wine grape. The town has some great places to eat and of course wine to drink. Cachi is another great site to visit in the Province, an extremely high Andes mountain.

The Province in the far north of the country is Jujuy, which is a bit less populated than Salta. It appears to be more indigenous than any other province in Argentina. The food is quite different; Empanadas, Locro, Carbonada, Humitas and meats like Llama.

Places to visit include Humahuaca, the multi coloured hills of Purmamarca and the salt flats of the Salinas Grande. All are quite stunning. Of course, the area is also highly mountainous and it has the advantage of being in a relatively advanced country with a good road system to be able to reach remote parts independently.


Quebrada de Cafayate (Between Cafayate and Salta)


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