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Travel Bangladesh – The Exotic Beach of Cox Bazar

Updated on November 3, 2012

Cox’s Bazar is one of the main cities of Bangladesh. It has also the largest natural sandy beaches. It is more than 120 kilometers long. But it is not worldly known. Most of the people who are in the outside world don’t know about the city properly. If anybody wants to know about city travel information and if he can be able to know about Cox’s Bazar city travel information he must be attracted by the city. Here are many natural types of scenery which can give pleasure who come to visit the city. After knowing properly about Cox’s Bazar city travel information he can be able to visit there and can enjoy its natural beauties.

The top places to see

Here are many places to see. The morning fish market, waterfalls of Himchari. There are some wooden temples of Ramu which are very old. There are also some Buddhist temples. Gold sands, surfing waves are also very attractive places to travel. There is also the only coral island of Bangladesh called St. Martins. There is another important place which is called Chera Dip, a small island. The tribal life of Cox’s Bazar, their life style is also very enjoyable.

Proper time to travel

When anybody wants to learn about city travel information he must know the proper time to visit the city. Cox’s Bazar has a tropical climate. It has mild winters from October to March and summer season is from March to June. In winter season there is the less water in the sea and it is then safe from various natural calamities. So it is the proper time to travel Cox’s Bazar city.

Major attractions

The long beaches in Cox’s Bazar are the major attractions of this area, but there are many attractive places and things as well. If anybody can be able to learn about Cox’s Bazar city travel information he can get the opportunity to see its natural beauties. Around the city there are many Buddhist temples which are very attractive to see. There are some large and small images of Buddha and some manuscripts are also available here. Here is the only coral island of Bangladesh. If anybody comes here and goes to St. Martins Island he can see the various types of corals. There are several miles of silvery sands which look attractive when the sun shines brightly. Conch shells are also seen here which are very rare. There are many colorful pagodas, temples which are also very nice to see. The water falls must give pleasure if anybody sees it closely. The tribal life also gives pleasure to the tourists.

How to get there

Cox’s Bazar city is situated 150 kilometers south of the Chittagong city. Cox’s Bazar city is connected to both Dhaka and Chittagong cities by both the air and road. So people, who want to go there, can travel on by both the air and road. There the local transport system is also good. The cycle-rickshaws are very popular to the tourists who come here. But one thing everybody should negotiate the price of hiring a rickshaw. Rental cars with drivers are also available here

Visitor services

To know the city travel information of Cox’s Bazar city the visitors should know the facilities that are available here. Here in Cox’s Bazar there are many hotels and good restaurants. So before coming here everybody must confirm the hotel where he wants to stay. So after knowing everything about the city travel information of Cox’s Bazar one can visit here and can enjoy the beauties available here.


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