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How to Save Your Money for Travels

Updated on December 27, 2016
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I am a travel vlogger, videographer, blogger and comedy youtuber who travels the world and shares my experiences and travel expertise.

Travel could be affordable, but you need to plan for it. You need to budget and prioritize it in your life. You might have heard a story about someone who sold all his possessions and then took a backpack and started to visit the world for several years. I'm not saying that this is what you have to do, but you need to constantly think about how you spend your money in your day-to-day lives and all the various ways that you can cut back to prioritize travel and trips that you want to take.

Spending wisely on the road

We need to minimize the cost of things back home, so for longer trips, think about letting your car and putting the insurance on hold. Talk to your electricity provider, your water provider and your telephone provider and see if you can put your account on hold for a month, two months or three months because you're not going to be there.

Most travelers make the mistake of spending a huge chunk of their savings partying and shopping in the first several days of their trip. -I know you're excited but trust me- over eighty percent of first-time travelers doing this and then by the end of the trip they finally don't have enough money to go on some sort of really cool excursion that they really wanted to do and then they have to either not do it or they borrow money from family or friends. Travel budget starts the day you arrived and you must be vigilant with your finances. You've made a budget for a reason and every little bit matters on your trip so don't go crazy on the first few days.

Avoid eating in restaurants that are in popular touristy areas. Try literally going one or two streets over because you'll generally find the exact same food but it will be cheaper. Eat from streetcars or vendors, it's fast and cheap and you can literally see being cooked right in front of you. Food safety tip when eating from Street cards or vendors in foreign countries is trying to eat from the one in the more popular areas, so I know this is kind of the opposite of the restaurants, but the streetcars and better the more popular areas will generally have a larger food turnover so food isn't sitting for long periods of time and that's what you don't want that's when you can kind of get the bacteria and the illnesses.

How to Save Money for Your Travels?

Each saving method will work differently for each one, Of course, so you need to test it out and figure out which best suits your needs and your lifestyle and what you can financially do now.

There are two ways that we can save money for our travels.

  1. Optimize the current amount of money that we have.
  2. Increase the amount of money that we earn.

Saving money:

If you are a steady income, try and set aside a certain amount from each paycheck and deposit it into a saving account and then don't touch that money.

For example:
Putting aside 200$ per month will save you 2400$ for a year.
Putting aside 500$ per month will save you 6000$ for a year.

That could let you travel for several months for a long trip depending on how you budgets that. Many people spend many nights out on the town or a few drinks every other day at the bar. It adds up a lot because drinks are ridiculously expensive, you'll pay like four to ten dollars for a drink. Spending five dollars on a coffee, not a very good idea, not really budget savvy. Unfortunately, I would have to recommend cutting those out of your daily or weekly or monthly allowances.

Re-evaluate your living situation

Ask yourself, how much are you paying for your rent? Is there any way that you can reduce that. Move out and move into a smaller place. Move in with your parents or a friend or get extra roommates. Really, you have to evaluate your living situation and how much you're paying for it.

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Increase the amount of money that we earn.

Learn the way of eBay, craigslist, gum tree, trade me or realistically any other kind of class field or marketplace that you have available to you in your local area, then use that marketplace and sell. There are hundreds of items in your home that you can sell for money. Seriously even the things that you don't actually believe are worth something and you can sell it. You can have a garage sale and people still buy it.

Go home and just do a scalp, is there anything that you're not using. Do you have a storage space a locker that you're storing extra furniture or extra clothing that you're not using. Mind ways that you can try to sell that and make money from it. I've made hundreds of dollars from selling things.

A lot of people don't necessarily think of gifts, but everybody's got birthdays. There's Christmas or Easter Halloween. There are times in your life that you receive gifts form people. Ask for travel related gifts or ask for money to put toward your travels.

Pick up extra work

Depending on your current work situation, there could be a variety of things that you may do. You can get a part-time job. You can look for promotional work or maybe a couple hours here and there, a local cafe is a great idea may be. You can be coming newspaper water. There are a lot of random part time flexible kind of easily pick up a bull jobs out there.

Keep an eye out on any of the hotels and the tour operators discounts, deals and packages at various times during the years for promotional purposes. If you see a good deal grab it. The more time you have to plan your trip, the better the deal that you can get.

If you're going away, think about all the cost of the I just back home that you're still going to be paying for. This is more relevant to longer trips, but if you have a car think about taking the insurance off it.

If you have a room or a house, think about subletting it. Make sure that you unplug and keep all of the cost of your house and your phone and any other things that you might be paying for like gym memberships. Try to put those on hold. So you're not paying for stuff that you're not using while you're away.

We do live in a world where credit cards exist and they allow us to have extra cash, very easily that we can use to pay for things such as travel and then pay it back at a later date when we are at home after our vacations over, but I don't recommend this option, but I can not tell you about it, because it is an option that a lot of people use.


I have personally used all of this money saving methods and money making techniques to help fund my various travels throughout the years and now I'm lucky enough to be in the position where I have additional support in terms of sponsors and companies that I work for to help me find even more of my travels.

© 2016 Nadine


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