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Travel Gadget: Apple Computer Charger Adapters

Updated on March 3, 2008

Apple International Outlet Charger Adapters

Over the years I have traveled to every continent and along with me I have often taken my current Apple Laptop. About five years ago I got the set of International adapters that slip on and off the charger to interchange with the American one that comes with it. This is the piece you take off to slip on the extension cable to the charger. In all my travels the set has worked very efficient for me and the Apple adapters tend to be less bulky than regular adapters. Plus the charger does the converting, so you do not need an electrical converter. The only time the set of adapters failed me was when I went to South Africa because they have a very unique outlet and it is really hard to buy the needed adapter besides the Internet and in South Africa.

Besides working with the Apple Computer chargers the International outlet adapters also work with iPod outlet chargers. I have actually used these adapters more often for this use, as especially in the first few years I had these adapters I did not usually take my laptop with me for International travel.

The Apple World Travel Adapter Kit includes six different adapters and in my years using them I have actually at one time or another used all of them. One is the Three-Pronged Blade outlet used in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore. One is the flat angled blade one for Australia and New Zealand. One is the Flat Parallel Blades Without Holes for China, although in China I found the outlets varied by hotel and was glad I brought the whole kit on that trip. One is the Round Thick Pins, which the pamphlet that comes with the kit says is just for Korea, but I did need this once in China. One is the Round Thin Pins for Continental Europe. It also comes with a Flat Parallel Blades with Holes one for North America and Japan, which is exactly the same as the one that goes with my computer charger and came in handy when for a while I had misplaced the one that went with my charger.

Overall this is a must have product for any International traveler that uses either an Apple laptop and/or an iPod. It has proved very useful and has been used with two different iPods and three different laptops by me.


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    • kjscrafts profile image

      kjscrafts 7 years ago from Tucson, AZ

      If I remember correctly, the South African outlets have a large adapter with 3 round pins. I ended up buying just a general use adapter at a grocery store in South Africa, but it took some shopping around before locating one.

    • profile image

      sftravel 7 years ago

      This is very useful. We are about to go to Cape Town for a year. What did you end up using there?