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Travel Guide Marseille, France

Updated on April 19, 2016

Travel Guide Marseille, France

Marseille is the second largest and most beautiful city of France. It’s so many attractions to gather the tourists and visitors all around the globe. But if you want to go that city, you need a proper guide plan that lets you know where, how and which places to go, what to eat, where to rest, how to get accommodation and what are the things that should be kept at arms’ length. Here is our details travel guide for Marseille.

Why to Travel to Marseille?

This is the city founded by Greek 2600 years ago and obviously the oldest city in the country. Now it has developed to a modern tourist hub but the port and other ancient places are still worth seeing and that’s why a huge number of people travel to this city for spending their vacations or summer seasons.

When to Visit Marseille?

The city never closes as it’s one the central hubs for recreation, visits and generating bigger amount of revenue. Spring and autumn seasons are considered to be perfect for vising Marseille as you can enjoy outdoor movements, long walks and so many other things as well. Winter season is good enough to have a lunch on terrace with sleeveless shirts while summer is mild and people spend most of the time on beaches. The bedtime depends on everybody as everyone has different activities to enjoy on the beach.

Which Places to Go in Marseille?

The most crowded place in the city is the Old Port where everybody seems enjoying and having fun. The worth enjoying thing on the port is boating while other recreational activities have been shifted to other parts. There are a number of other places to go as well and as soon as you explore the city, your fascination will grow rapidly. The restaurants, shopping malls, roads and old place of Greek are few more.

Local Laws and Manners

In addition to the above given instructions and travel guide, here we come with the most important aspects that a traveler should never forget. The French law requires every foreigner to have personal ID card in the pocket as they will have to prove their identity at any moment and anyplace. Passport should be also being kept with other necessary documents.

While driving in the city, you must have a yellow light with you in the car so that you may lighten that up when you have some problem with your vehicle. This will let the other car drivers understand that you are in a problem and someone may come up to help you out.

When you meet someone, shake your hands with that person and cheek-kissing may occur a bit later after the meeting. While getting something from someone, like a gift, never forget to say thank you and best wishes when you see off. Additionally, the visitors must keep all the necessary information like contact numbers of concerned departments, police, fire brigade, security officials, army and other so that you could be traced in case you get into some problem.

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