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Travel Guide to Seville Palaces Spain

Updated on September 2, 2013

The construction of Alcazar palace began in the early Middle Ages. Since it took quite a long time to build Alcazar, the appearance is a graceful blend of Islamic, Moorish, Gothic and Baroque architectural styles.

The palace is a large complex of several buildings, yards, gardens and parks with fountains and ponds in Sevilla. Bizarre floors, ceilings and walls are real works of art, reaching the greatest heights of elegance and luxury in the room of Charles V in the Hall of the Ambassadors. The overall it takes an impression of elegant old -seekers complement the beautifully designed gardens with fragrant roses and orange trees along the alleys. Today, the palace is used as a shelter for the members of the Spanish royal family and heads of state visiting the city. In February 1987, the Alcazar was declared a World Heritage Site.

Pilate's palace in Seville (Casa de Pilatos) according to legend, is a replica of the palace of Pontius Pilate. Construction of the palace began in the second quarter of the XV century by the order of Pedro Enriquez de Quinones and his wife Catalina de Ribera, the founders of the Andalusia branch of the Henrique.

The construction was completed by Fadrique Henríquez de Ribera ( 1st Marquis of Tarifa ) , which gave the palace its name in honor of his pilgrimage to Jerusalem (1519). It consists of several courtyards, interconnected rooms and galleries. The central part of the house as well as in Alcazar is a beautiful courtyard with a fountain. Palace combines two architectural styles - Mudejar and Spanish Renaissance style .

seville spain:
Севилья, Испания

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Palace of the Countess of Lebrija in Seville (Palacio de Lebrija), located in one of the busiest streets in the center of the city is said to be "the best in Europe", thanks to an impressive collection of Roman mosaics. The palace was built in the XVI century, and in 1999 the descendants of the Countess and the current owners have decided to open the Palace Museum.

The Palace de las Duenas in Seville (Palacio de las Dueñas) was built in the middle of the XV century and is a great architectural and artistic value. The palace, as well as the street on which it is located, got its name from the monastery of Santa Maria de las Dueñas. In the palace is one of the largest collections of decorative art in Spain, as well as a rich collection of antique furniture, ceramics and tapestries. Today, the palace is closed to visitors because this is a private property owned by the Dukes of Alba.


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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      The Alcazar has now gone up as one of the top places to visit after we spent time there today. Seville is really a fun city to spend Christmas in.


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