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How to Travel Light

Updated on May 1, 2016
Kim Kardashian is traveling light!
Kim Kardashian is traveling light!
Beyonce knows how to travel light!
Beyonce knows how to travel light!
Travelling light relieves a lot of traveling headdaches. You won't have to repack your bags at the airport!
Travelling light relieves a lot of traveling headdaches. You won't have to repack your bags at the airport!
Two pieces of luggage are ideal.  Less stress when carrying your luggage, and you save on baggage fees as well!
Two pieces of luggage are ideal. Less stress when carrying your luggage, and you save on baggage fees as well!
Breeze right by the line when you check in on line and travel light!
Breeze right by the line when you check in on line and travel light!
Families can travel light!
Families can travel light!

Any new gizmos out to help with traveling light?

There are plastic vacuum storage bags that you can use to reduce the bulkiness of your clothing, whether you fold or roll your items. Anything that will give you more space in your luggage, such as using plastic vacuum storage bags may be worth a try.

Welcome Traveler. I hope you gain valuable knowledge about traveling light from this article. I will share with you tips on how to pack your bags before you travel, how to prepare for your trip and other suggestions to help make your travel stress-free.

Airline Baggage Fees

Currently most airlines require passengers to pay a fee to check in extra luggage. To budget for these fees, find out what the fees are before you book your airplane reservations. Reducing or eliminating airline fees for excess luggage should help you save money on your overall travel.

You may be accustomed to using the same airlines regardless of where you travel. Just remember, costs change all the time. Periodically check the airline's website or call to see if there have been any price increases or changes.

There are some airlines, where there is no or reduced check-in fees for your luggage. If you can, use airlines that do not have baggage check-in fees or at least choose the airlines with the least expensive fees.

How to Pack Only Essentials

When you pack for travel, choose only essential clothing and items. Avoid "just in case" packing as much as you can. The key words here are "just in case." Having to repack your things at the airport because you packed "just in case" items can be embarrassing with everyone looking on.

Plan Ahead

Always have an idea of the activities you plan to do and the type clothing required before you start to pack. Attempt to have a day-to-day plan of what you plan to wear and pack your clothing accordingly.

Preparation for Travel

Always prepare for your future travel plans. As far in advance as you can, have a general idea of what you plan to take with you on your trip. I read a travel article that suggests that you lay out ahead of time what you absolutely need -- then put half of what you laid out away. The point is to pack only what you know for sure you need or plan to wear.

How to Fold Your Clothing

Some travel experts recommend you roll your clothing so you can fit more in your luggage; fold to reduce wrinkling, or both -- roll some items, and fold others. What you do depends on how much clothing and other items you plan to take with you. If you plan to take a lot -- roll. If you are skimpy with your clothing -- fold. Of if you like, you can do a combination of both, fold and roll.

Why Black Clothing is Important for Travel

Try to include black clothing in your luggage, whether it is a pair of slacks, skirt, pants, dress or other apparel. Black is a universal color which enables it to conform to many different occasions.

Toiletries for Airplane Travel

Always follow the Transportation Security Administration's rules regarding toiletries. Remember to adhere to the bottle/container requirements. It is your decision whether you bring your toiletries with you, or if you buy them once you reach your destination.

There are plenty of travel-sized items that are marketed especially for traveling, such as toothpaste, tooth brushes, mouthwash, lotion and other toiletries. Sometime these smaller sized items are more expensive than the larger--non travel size. Whether you buy travel size or the regular size and transfer its contents to a smaller container is your decision. However, sometimes it is worth the convenience to buy travel size items.

With all the restrictions on what you can carry on airplanes, it could be beneficial to wait until you reach your destination to buy your toiletries. In other words, you may elect not to pack these items when you travel.

Carry-on Luggage and Check-in Procedures

Using carry-on luggage, checking in online, and printing down your boarding pass at home or before you get to the airport will make your check in a breeze. You can also load your boarding pass digitally on your cell phone to save paper. Just be aware of the battery-life on your cell phone so your boarding pass will display once you are at the gate.

There is a Pre-Ck (Pre-Check) option at some airlines where passengers can bypass the long main lines and take the shorter route through security. This option is based on how frequently you travel and other criteria. Be aware that even with Pre-Ck, airlines sometimes may randomly take you off temporarily as a security check method.

Have Fun Traveling

Traveling can be an enjoyable experience. Hopefully these tips, including the importance of traveling light will make your trips even more enjoyable.

Here's wishing you safe, light and happy travels!

How to Travel Light


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