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Travel Insurance Do We Need It?

Updated on March 28, 2011

Travel Insurance Questions and Answers

Typically travel insurance will cover the cost of things like lost luggage or life insurance payouts should something happen such as a plane crash. If a trip is canceled for some reason any money which had been paid ahead will be recovered with a travel insurance policy that indicates that. Expensive prepaid travel packages such as cruises that are booked ahead of time is where you may want to consider travel insurance coverage.


Travel Insuarnce Policies

Travel insurance policies vary and you may want to comparison shop from a travel booking website such as or When traveling abroad, you may want to consider health insurance coverage in a foreign country. If you work, does your health insurance policy contain anything like that? If not, check into it with your travel insurance representative.

Most of the time if you are just taking a typical vacation or short trip, travel insurance may not be worth the $60-$200 charge per traveler. However travel insurance is worth checking into when you have more to lose.  Local travel agencies will be of help if you want more information on whats available


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