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Travel Planning for the Broke

Updated on September 10, 2015
No money? Mr. Wanderlust is still happy! (Photo from Dreamstime)
No money? Mr. Wanderlust is still happy! (Photo from Dreamstime)

The Broke Traveller

I used up all my savings guessed Last month, even when I had no job, I went to Japan and never regretted using up all of my money.

When I once travelled to Batanes, Philippines, I read a quote posted on a wall inside the Honesty Coffee Shop. It says "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." It untangled my heartstings and made me remember it for the rest of my life. Then on, I vowed to allot money for travel always. I traveled more with my boyfriend and enjoyed every bit of it, yes I did become rich - on experience but with an emptier pocket.

Now I am not just poor - but broke.

But nothing is gonna stop me, even my current financial crisis. Because travelling has given me hope and happiness no designer bag or Jimmy Choos can. So this is my plan, to travel again, even in debt. ;)

Plan 1 : Volunteer for Field Work

I was once a researcher and producer for an adventure-educational TV show and it was the best 2 years of my travelling life. For work, I went to beautiful provinces and went out of the office weekly to interview people and feature stories. If I can find work like that again, I would.

If you can find work with great opportunities to travel, grab it! If not, and your industry is location-centric or purely done in the office, volunteer for field work. If you have team parties, volunteer to arrange it so you can go out of the office with the legitimate reason to travel. Better yet, if your company will have a team bulding or big seminars, offer to look for locations. You will be hotel-hopping and events place-surveying in no time. This is my current situation and I find joy in travelling to another city to meet people even if I will just jot down the minutes as the secretary.

Jackpot if it is a lunch meeting - I get to eat the yummy food the executives are having ^_^

Plan 2 : Visit Relatives in Far Provinces

Most Metro Manilans (if there is such a term) are migrants from a Philippine province. Most of them (me included) grew up in the countryside with relatives because we Filipinos just love the warmth of extended families.

Why not go and visit them? (1) You will have the perfect excuse to ask your parents for travel money becuase you will be the "family's representative" and that you will "make sure" that they are thinking about your relatives too. (2) Your dear grandparents/titos and titas will not let you go back home empty handed right? So they will most likely ask you to bring home fruits, pasalubong and even pocket money. *wink*

Plan 3 : Migrate to a country with 4 seasons

Ok ok so I will still spend money to migrate. BUT it will not be for travel but for relocation.

My husband and I have been planning on migrating due to the drastic turn of events in my life. But aside from the independence, I am looking forward more into the new weather and the new country. Which will mean a new batch of tourist spots will be more accessible and definitely cheaper once I am at the said country. Moving to a new country at the second quarter of my life will make new places accessible for me at a cheaper price - even for FREE! For all I know I might just have to walk to a tourist spot. Aside from that, I will be coming from a tropical country so moving to a country with four seasons is like travelling to 2 more variations of a place. Of course the place will be different with falling leaves and snow!

Plan 4 : Create Alerts for Cheap Flights

Using mobile apps and subscribing to e-mail alerts, I keep my tab open for promo fares. Being able to track them will definitely give me reason to travel. The regular reminders and e-mail alerts are also a good way for me to keep on saving money, keeping my eyes glued on the prize. Great bargains sell like hotcakes, as fast as minutes, and it will be a bummer to miss a promo just because I am Php 5,000 / $100 short.


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    • Anna C Taylor profile image

      Anna 2 years ago from Around the World

      @hapiwapitravels that scam sounds horrible and devious. The freelance work I've done has always been for companies I've found through my university and well-established local companies. Now I know to stay away from people who would hire you online.

      My advice for freelance would be to try to meet the person you're doing the work for at least once or have some contact-of-a-contact relation.

    • hapiwapitravels profile image

      Rafi Sartin 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Yes that's right @peachpurple, like WWOOF or Au Pair. That's gonna be helpful, yeah!

      Also a good point @Anna C Taylor. Although, one has to be very careful with freelance gigs. I got scammed once :( here's a link to that post:

    • Anna C Taylor profile image

      Anna 2 years ago from Around the World

      You can also freelance while you travel. Making a little money while you're spending all of it isn't such a bad thing!

      I'm glad travel has given you hope and happiness :)

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I read somewhere that people who travel to different countries, work there as odd job workers when they are broke, awesome!

    • thealpaca profile image

      thealpaca 2 years ago from Osaka

      I also write about budget travel. Please check out my page: