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Updated on March 23, 2011

Comfort on the Go

I love to travel. Love seeing new places, eating unusual food, searching out the perfect knickknack to bring home that perfectly catches the atmosphere of a place for me. The part I don't like? Actually getting from one place to another. That part of travel tends to be boring, uncomfortable and a hassle (unless I'm on a cruise ship, in which case it's fine). Fortunately, several ingenious individuals out there have created a variety of travel products designed to make travel easier, safer and more comfortable. Here are just a few...

Money Belt and Pouch

While international automated teller machines have made it easier to access funds abroad, tourists still frequently carry large amounts of money in cash, and purse snatchers and pickpockets are well aware of this. You can make it much harder for them to take your hard earned dollars by tucking it away in a money belt or pouch, worn under your clothes.

True story: When I adopted my daughter from China, I was required to bring $5000 in uncirculated 100 dollar bills to China with me. In CASH. I was traveling by myself, too. Talk about nervous! But I walked around with a money belt for a few days until it was time to hand it over, and everything was fine. Fortunately, most people outside of the adoption community didn't know about that requirement at the time. Nowadays, they can wire the money.

Travel Pillow

 A little item that can make travel much easier is the travel pillow.  These are great for road trips, when you're going to spend hours behind the steering wheel with your head in the same position: staring straight ahead.  That bit of support on your neck can mean the difference between a sore neck and a pain free one.  They're also great for little ones who tend to fall asleep in the car - gives them a bit of support and a place to rest their little heads.  And on planes, well, who knows where those plane pillows have been?

Compression Bags

Day wear, beach wear, evening wear, workout clothes - sometimes it's hard to fit it all in one bag. You can say goodbye to the days of sitting on your suitcase in order to zip it shut by using compression bags. With these babies you can put the items inside, then suck all the air out. You will be amazed at how much you can fit in your suitcase. Who knew air took up so much space?

Travel Related Literature

 I like to bring along reading material that has to do with the area where I'm traveling in order to pass the time on planes, trains and in my hotel room.  The first time I traveled to Paris I read The Three Musketeers, and when they referred to the Louvre or the Pont Neuf, I could visit it the next day.  When on a Mediterranean cruise I took along Mark Twain's travel journal Innocents Abroad, and read of Twain's adventures in Greece and Italy 140 years ago and compared them to my own.

Nook or Kindle

 Hand in hand with travel related literature is a Nook or Kindle e-reader.  My husband got me a Nook for Christmas, and I do believe it's the best gift he ever got me.  I love to read, I travel a lot and I spend lots of time sitting around waiting for the kids to finish, soccer, piano, school, ballet etc.  With my Nook I have an ENTIRE LIBRARY at my fingertips.  In the past I've had to limit the books I've taken with me on vacation, because more than two were too heavy and too bulky.  Now I can take a whole library of books with me.  If I tire of one, I switch to another.  It's fantastic.


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