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Make the Most of Travel to Russia

Updated on August 25, 2015
If you plan to travel to Russia to meet your prospective bride or just to get to know your Russian woman a bit better, it’s not a bad idea to plan ahead for this journey.  Even if you’ve been out of the country before, you need to plan for this trip more than you may have other tourist outings. Since you are going to Russia for a clear purpose, you need to plan ahead, to stay for a longer period of time, and you need to start thinking about the future as a result of your travel to Russia. Here’s what you need to know now.

How to Plan Your Travel Dates

While it should go without saying, travel to Russia is not something you want to plan at the last minute.  You should take some time to plan your visit far in advance of your arrival.  This will allow your Russian woman the chance to rearrange their schedule and to make sure other family members can be available to meet you.  You will also want to try to schedule the dates during times when you might be able to do administrative tasks with the embassy and consulate if things work out.  You might also want to schedule your travel dates around holidays so you can celebrate with your new love.

The Length of Your Stay in Russia

Unlike other trips that might feel rushed, when you travel to Russia to get to know your Russian woman, it’s a better idea to stay as long as possible.  This will help you to get to know your Russian love better as well as begin to get to know her culture and her family.  You want to have the time to see what you think of her and whether you are a good fit.  When you rush a trip too much, you might not be able to get to know her as well.  Try to stay in Russia for up to a month so that you can make the most of your time and you can not feel rushed into making a decision about her.

When is it Time to Bring Her to Your Home?

This trip to Russia is going to help you decide whether you are good fit for this Russian woman.   When you are talking with her, it might be good to invite her to see you at your home as well, especially if things are going well.  This way, she can get to know you in your normal environment while also helping to see if she can acclimate to your home and your surroundings.  While you might not know for certain if you are a good fit at the end of your Russian trip, you will certainly have a better sense of your compatibility.

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